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10 Reasons Why Customers Select Powertrak Product Configurator

Why Customers Choose Powertrak Product Configurator

When it comes to choosing the right configure-price-quote (CPQ) solution, customers select Powertrak Product Configurator. Powertrak streamlines the quote-to-order process, delivers a secure eCommerce web shopping experience, ensures accurate proposals and orders via the cloud, on-premise, or mobile devices.

Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Customers Choose Powertrak Product Configurator:

  1. Proven. Tested. Recommended. Axonom has met Microsoft Corporation’s highest standard for partner-developed software. Powertrak earns CfMD “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” distinction.
  2. Multiple Platforms. Integrate Powertrak into Microsoft ERP or CRM platforms, Salesforce.com, or just use it stand-alone.
  3. Flexible Deployment Options. Deploy Powertrak Product Configurator in the cloud, hosted, or on-premise – including mobile extendibility. It’s your choice!
  4. Robust Functionality. Add Powertrak Partner Portal to extend the quoting, configuration, and ordering processes to your mobile sales team and external partner channel. It’s very important to note that both solutions are based off the same underlying architecture, thus enabling compatibility and eliminating functionality failures!
  5. Cost-effective. Our concurrent pricing model enables organizations with a large partner population to configure orders with speed and accuracy, at a much lower cost.
  6. Integration. Integrate Powertrak Product Configurator into major CRM and ERP platforms such as Microsoft or Salesforce.com, or use it stand-alone. Again, it’s your choice!
  7. High Tech Industry White Paper. Gain Greater Efficiency, Agility and Control with a Unified ERP and CRM Solution with Powertrak, Armanino, and Microsoft Dynamics.
    1. Discover how this solution manages every aspect of the supply chain, including contract manufacturing and trading partner management, as well as balance demand with production efforts, maintain optimum inventory levels, and meet customer expectations profitably.
  8. Features. Use Powertrak Product Configurator to:
    1. Create Quotes
    2. Configure Orders
    3. Streamline Quote-to-Order Processes
    4. Build Product Configurations – Within an Interactive 2D and 3D Interface!
    5. Deliver eCommerce Web Shopping Cart Solution
    6. Ensure Accurate Orders and Quotes with Guided Selling
  9. Testimonials.
    1. “We have a large distribution channel but that channel only needs infrequent interaction through the Powertrak Portal. Axonom understands our business and has designed their solutions specifically for customers with configure-to-order and channel sales processes.” – Sonitec-Vortisand
    2. “I was involved in evaluating and selecting SaaS and on-premise versions of Powertrak Product Configurator for two high-tech organizations with global channel partners. The combination of Powertrak Product Configurator and Partner Portal delivers critical tools and information that reseller partners need for maximized business success, 24x7x365. Axonom has been an exemplary strategic partner for over a decade, helping us leverage their platform to gain unprecedented business value from the solution at two different companies.” – Beach Consulting
    3. “We have gone from having a fully internal quoting process to being able to engage our channel partners to do quoting. This a big advantage for us as we have customers around the world that can get quotes in minutes vs. days.” – Johnstech International
    4. “Powertrak software offers a wide range of Microsoft Dynamics CRM augmentation capabilities. Our organization only utilizes the product configurator which allows our reps to have directed selling capabilities which reduce order variances. However, there’s a host of reporting capabilities and pipeline management tools as well. Overall, the product is a cost effective solution for our business needs in a high tech manufacturing capacity.” – Sound-Eklin
  10. Award-winning Software. Powertrak has won numerous awards and achieved distinctions such as ISM’s Top 15 Enterprise CRM Software Award, Elite CRM Award, Microsoft CfMD and Gold Competency for CRM.

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