Powertrak for Aviation Industry

Aircraft Configurator Software

Powertrak CPQ is a visual configurator platform for aviation manufacturers to offer their sales team or prospective customers a web-based solution to interactively build, price, quote, and order an aircraft.

Powertrak delivers a superior configuration experience for customers to design an aircraft that meets their exact needs. Select and move components to fully design the cockpit, interior cabin, baggage department, and/or exterior locations of the aircraft (planes, jets helicopters, airships, etc.).

Our Configure-Price-Quote toolset delivers a uniformed business process that also engages the customer during real-time configurations. The combination of 3D visualization with interactivity enables users to see what they're buying before pushing the purchase button. Meanwhile our rules-engine ensures that all configurations meet the manufacturer and Federal Aviation Administration guidelines.

In addition, you can take the "experience" to a whole new level with virtual reality. Powertrak VR Configurator provides a fully immersive virtual reality experience. Wear the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headset to explore the designed aircraft.

Empower Your Sales Team, Customers, and Partners to Configure Your Aircraft!

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Visual Plane ConfiguratorChoose The Type Of Aircraft

-Select the aircraft model from the menu













Visual Plane ConfiguratorCustomize The Aircraft's Interior

-Interactively add product models and accessories

-Arrange products and view price/details

-Select colors and various design options











Visual Plane ConfiguratorView The Aircraft Design From Every Angle

-Hide or show doors and external panels

-Zoom/pan/rotate full 360 degrees











Visual Plane ConfiguratorOne Platform To Build-Price-Quote-Order

-Fully responsive, mobile-tablet ready

-Save, export, and share your design

-Review and modify the design

-Experience the design in virtual reality

-Auto-calculates pricing, add discounts to item(s) in shopping cart

-Purchase the design and all components with one click