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High Tech Industry Powertrak™ Modules Overview

Powertrak™ High Tech Industry Solutions

Enterprise-Wide, High Tech, Multi-Channel Distribution Extensions to
Microsoft Dynamics CRM and

The Powertrak solution suite helps you deliver superior communication, service your partners and satisfy your customers over the web. Maximize sales and streamline your processes with Powertrak High Tech and Multi-Channel management.

High Tech manufacturers and distributors are expanding into new markets using complex sales channels and extending their range of products and services worldwide. Servicing customers and partners in this environment requires multi-level relationship tracking, web self-service, support portals, dealer loyalty management tools, hassle-free payment options and a worldwide presence. With partners selling, installing and servicing these products remotely, organizations need to certify partners for both product knowledge and service skills to make sure that customers receive consistently great service. Sales managers need to keep forecasts tight and current throughout the channel to motivate sales reps and keep business plans on track.

Powertrak provides high tech organizations with award-winning technology, including stand-alone or CRM add-ons, designed to communicate via the web, improve sales, accept credit card payments, streamline all interactions, get rid of paperwork and grow strong relationships within their best customers and partners.

Powertrak offers rich capabilities that extend far beyond contact management and service tracking, with the scalability to handle large volumes and link with your accounting and manufacturing systems. Powertrak can be provided as licensed software or in an ASP hosted environment. Powertrak offers the best and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 add-on modules including Product Configurator, Partner and Customer Portals, Recurring Revenue Management, and Service Revenue Management.

Powertrak offers a specialized suite of High Tech Industry solutions with Partner Relationship Management capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM or

  • Guided selling and advanced quoting and ordering features - interactive 2D/3D configurations
  • Handles Multi-channel, multi-currency forecasting down to rep, account and SKU
  • Provides views and tools to manage complex extended relationships
  • Utilizes service management and self-service portals
  • Provides Partner Portal with marketing coop and incentive tracking
  • Enables time and billing by project
  • Manages partner authorization and staff certification
  • Integrates to your back office ERP systems
  • Integrated Credit Card Payment Processing with PayPal and PayPros | Contact a Representative

Powertrak Benefits:

  • Powertrak is built on an open, table-driven platform with rich administrative tools that allows rapid configuration to meet unique requirements without requiring costly and complex custom coding.
  • Powertrak is a suite of products that share a common platform including CPQ and Portals - with a pure web-based client architecture. This simplifies the overall environment and eliminates the support and maintenance issues that occur when deploying multiple products from multiple vendors and larger client footprint.
  • Powertrak is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This ensures that customers will not risk voiding warranty of their CRM investment and it has been properly designed for upgradeability.
  • Axonom encourages customers to become self-sufficient by obtaining training on the platform and development toolset to extend and enhance their solution and not become solely dependent on the vendor for every change/modification.
  • Axonom not only offers a superior product, we work closely with customers to maximize the inherent capabilities and best practices of the CRM platform to deliver a solution that maximizes both (Powertrak & CRM) investments.

Powertrak Integration

Microsoft Partner Gold Competency for CRM

*PayPros is a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC Bank USA, National Association, Buffalo, NY, National Bank of Canada, Montreal, PQ, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto, ON and Chase Paymentech, Dallas, TX.

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Deployment Options

On-Premise or On-Demand (SaaS)

Integration: and Microsoft Dynamics, or Stand-alone

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Certified for Dynamics CRM 2011

Axonom has earned the CfMD logo.

Axonom has met Microsoft Corporationís highest standard for partner-developed software.

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Customer Testimonial

"Finding a company with a sales configurator and partner portal available as one unified application, along with seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics CRM were the driving forces in the selection process."

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company


"We have a large distribution channel but that channel only needs infrequent interaction through the Powertrak Portal. Axonom understands our business and has designed their solutions specifically for customers with configure-to-order and channel sales processes."



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