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Powertrak™ Event Management for Associations

You can manage unlimited events, register attendees, book accommodations, schedule functions and handle payments, all in one spot. Better yet, attendees can handle their end of signing up through the optional interactive portal to keep costs down and event revenue up.

Accessible from your web browser, this module provides everyone in your organization and your attendees with one place where they can sign up, book rooms, schedule their exact event functions, and pay for the event.

Easily calculate and follow up on fees due to keep revenue up, and at the same time manage every resource to keep you costs down.

Finally, use Microsoft Outlook to communicate with attendees, suppliers, speakers and staff to streamline every interaction needed to keep the event on track.

Event Management Recorded Demonstration

Learn How To Manage Your Events With Powertrak

In this 7-minute demonstration, we will show how create and manage a new event. Learn how to register attendees, book accommodations, schedule specific event functions and resources, and accept payments - all in one place.

Powertrak Event Management Promotion

Powertrak Event Management Promotion

Great News! We have eliminated the software cost on a few Powertrak modules.

Register now and DO NOT pay the 'module fee' charge for Powertrak Event Management, Classes, Certifications, Committees, and/or Memberships modules.

Promotion Details
To qualify for this offer, new customers are required to purchase one (1) Powertrak Server and one (1) Powertrak Core license for every named user in the system.

This promotion is valid for on-premises or partner-hosted deployments and excludes Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online.

How To Get Started
Click here to read more about the Powertrak Event Management Promotion.

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Manage Events Anywhere, Anytime Over the Web

Complete Self-service for Registrations, Accommodations, Functions

Online Payment Handling

Event Resource and Staff Management Built-in


The Efficient Way to Manage Every Event - Set up and manage every aspect of your events inside your web browser.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM - Expand on top of the safe, powerful Microsoft system.

Event Profiles - With unlimited fact fields keeps everything regarding timing, staffing, locations and more in one place.

Unlimited Event Functions - Schedule timing, resources, rooms, speakers along with related charges to use just what you need and keep costs down.

Attendees get Special Care - You can register attendees and handle their accommodations or let them do it themselves through the optional portal.

Track Payments - Maximizing revenue is easy with fee handling, sub-function calculations and cancellation tracking.

Product Details
Easy Registration Keep it easy for staff and attendees to register for all your events. Watch your attendance to gage revenue and plan resource requirements. Handle unlimited events, sub-functions and treat your attendees with special care!
Manage Event Functions Powertrak Event Manager shows every function, schedules rooms, monitors locations and tracks related resources for each one. Making sure that room sizes, food, audiovisual and every other factor matches the audience keeps your costs down and attendee satisfaction up.
Unlimited Event Profiles Track speakers, event messages, and correlated to facts about your attendees to improve planning and meet the needs of your member community.
Use Marketing to Fill the Events Lower your costs and improve attendance using the optional Advanced Marketing module. Email blasts and direct mail pre-emptive reminders can be created simply and quickly. These modules drive attendance and can show you exactly which advertising efforts are filling your events.
Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a safe path for scalability, integration, and business value based on Microsoft .Net and Web Services architecture. Powertrak is built in the same tools and shares the same data.
Use Microsoft Outlook Save time and money using Email, appointments, schedules, meetings and call history review right inside the Microsoft office tools that you the already know.
Web Accessible 24/7 Integrated Powertrak and Microsoft CRM modules run in a web browser. Your staff and customers can sign up, pick their interests and handle payments and cancellations from anywhere that they can get on the web.
Handle Accomodations Make sure that your attendees get the right list of hotel rooms, special pricing, airfares and third party offers. Your business partners can help you provide a satisfying experience for every attendee to make sure that they come back next time.
A Complete Association Solution Add Powertrak modules for Event Management, Committees, Legislation Tracking, Certification, Time and Billing and third-party tools like recurring billing and Microsoft Great Plains Financials as you go to round out a complete one-stop solution.

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