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Guided Customer Interaction: Powertrak™ CPQ

Guided Customer Interaction

Configurator also ensures efficient interaction with contacts, and support via simple question/answer presentation, in-line consolidated account information and streamlined follow-up communication that go beyond just quoting and ordering.

With the Powertrak™ Guided Customer Interaction software module, you can easily qualify leads, run campaigns, close the loop on sales opportunities, handle support and manage customer service requests inside and outside your organization. Since it is browser-based software, it is easy to deploy and easy to train new users. Your agents will handle more transactions at lower cost while improving overall customer service management for partners and customers.

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Guided Customer Interaction (Greeting, Lead Info, Qualification, Thank you)

Guided Customer Interaction Setup and Visual Guide Builder (drag and drop)


Rules-driven branch dynamic scripting - Easily configurable for simple and accurate call handling.

Inbound and outbound - Handle any incoming and queue-driven outbound call center interaction.

Effectiveness tracking - Master questions and cross-correlations show you what scripts work and why

Browser-based and easy to use - Browser-based software for easy deployment and low-cost training.

Real-time productivity tracking - Enhance staff performance motivation on-the-fly.

Branched dynamic scripting inbound and outbound - Create custom qualification and triage scripts to provide consistent messages and service flows.

Flexible active follow-up and scoring - Script scoring is built-in to drive tasks, emails and other user-defined activities.

Customizable and CTI ready - Show exactly what you need from any system and hook it up to any major CTI interface.

Key Features:

  • Scripted, rules-driven presentation and scoring!
  • 100% Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM!
  • 100% integrated into all Powertrak CRM modules including tools!
  • Maximum service at the lowest cost, instant ROI!

Product Details
Browser-Based, Queue it Up and use it from Anywhere
  • Because the system is built using simple web technology, you have complete flexibility to use the system anywhere, anytime with little training.
  • The module supports multiple calling queues; functions for both inside and remote personnel, and can handle multiple locations.
  • Costs are significantly reduced because you can run more transactions with less staff.
  • Improve your mind-share with customer and partners - increase the time they spend buying and using your products instead of waiting for callbacks.
Customer and Dealer Support Management
  • Customer and Dealer Support Management
  • If you have multiple sales channels, or manage a lot of customers, providing a consistent customer service experience is a major challenge.
  • Powertrak™ Guided Customer Interaction improves customer response times and enables you to support your partners and customers more effectively, with more consistent results.
  • Managers also get accurate real-time activity tracking and detailed reporting.
Branch Dynamic Scripting
  • Rules-driven presentation is built in a simple non-programmers interface.
  • With tagged questions, stored answers and access to complete customer and product profiles, the caller can see prior call notes and all critical facts to personalize each contact.
Sales Lead Qualification, Scoring and Routing
  • Instantly score and qualify your leads based on dynamic script results.
  • With Powertrak you can route leads and follow-up to inside sales To-Do Lists, or send them to partners via the Powertrak Portal or email for quick follow-up
Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a safe path for scalability, integration, and business value based on Microsoft .Net and Web Services architecture.
  • Powertrak is built as an enhancement to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and uses the same tools and shares the same data.
Enhanced Marketing, Customer Service and Support
  • Guided Customer Interaction supports closed loop marketing selling and servicing in one system.
  • With Guided Customer Interactions, support staff can script all service issues and communicate results in real-time, even escalate incidents on the fly.
Integrated with Powertrak eCRM, Messaging and CTI for Instant communication
  • Personnel in every department can see the complete call history and exact script replies for their accounts.
  • Supports advanced notification such as email notification while on the road.
  • Add optional Computer Telephony interfaces to the system to streamline all phone handling in your call center.
Audit Trails
  • Every transaction and file maintenance action is stamped with time, date and user ID for problem resolution and maintenance control.
A Complete, Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Solution
  • Add Powertrak Industry Solutions for High Tech companies and Member-based Associations
  • Add Core modules for Quote and Product Configuration.
  • Build your own custom modules using the Powertrak Application Builder to provide a complete one-stop solution.

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The Powertrak Guided Customer Interaction vastly increased our data efficiency and reliability while decreasing costs through process automation involving multiple entities. Our organization realized a 75% reduction in manual processing time for each of our four service center agents. It also guarantees that all data is captured consistently for each interaction.

Director, IT Services
National Pork Board

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