For semiconductor, electronic component, and related companies, streamlining interactions within the entire value chain builds revenue, protects margins, increases loyalty and saves time. Powertrak Design Win efficiently connects the complex web of distributors, suppliers, OEMs and your internal organization to create customer-driven solutions in a timely and profitable manner.

Powertrak Design Win for semiconductor is web-based with complete offline native Microsoft Outlook capabilities. It is built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform with full support for internal, portal, and mobile device users across all major browsers to provide unified access to the system.

Organizations can use this module to keep their entire internal and external Design Win team on top of deals to protect margins, reduce quoting turn-around time, and minimize issues while lowering everyone's costs and overall effort.

Introduction Video

This Powertrak Design Win introduction video covers the basic features and functions of lead management, design registration and opportunity management, samples handling, workflow and approvals routing, DPA control and commission handling for the semiconductor, microelectronics, other high-tech manufacturing industries.


Complete On-Demand Demonstration

Request a Powertrak Design Win DemonstrationPowertrak Design Win, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is the leading platform supporting opportunity management for semiconductor and other high-tech manufacturers.

In this demonstration, we'll show you how to:

  1. Create a design registration
  2. Create a design win opportunity and manage forecasts
  3. Create a quote

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  • Streamlined Lead Intake - Rapid registration, auto-team assignment, multi-channel handling and NEDA compliance internally and via portals.
  • Optional Mobile Device Access - To simplify system access.
  • Enhanced Opportunities & Forecasting - With account manager and product manager workflow-driven control. Integrated to drag-and-drop global sales forecasting to improve planning
  • Price Maintenance - Deal and account-based price matrices across time-based dimensions.
  • Unlimited Role-based Team Assignment - Configurable workflow rules get all interactions to the right account and product teams at the right time.
  • Maximize Service Across Multiple Support Center Locations & Languages - Complete engineering and sample control in one system for true international enterprise service.
  • Enhanced Dual-level Quoting - Internal sales team and distributor portal access in one system.
  • Optional Rules-Driven Configured Quoting - Ensure accurate and complete quoting in a simple wizard interface.
  • Enterprise Deal Handling - Handle multiple boards and sockets in a parent/child tree or individual deals to match your business requirements.
  • Integrated to ERP - Optional links to ERP systems to avoid duplication, improve account management and shorten service cycles.
  • Distributor Purchase Agreement Management - Both internal teams and partners can work with complex agreements, with document control, broken agreement functions and secure portal access.
  • Commission Management - Manage complex splits, rates and role-driven compensation with optional interfaces to ERP and payment systems.

Product Details

  • Streamlined Lead Management
    • Faster NEDA-compliant lead intake gets more deals into your hands and improves partner loyalty.
    • How long does it take your account and product managers to register and review incoming deals?
    • Powertrak provides the simple way to manage complex leads and handle higher volumes at lower cost.
  • Enhanced Opportunities and Forecasting
    • Powertrak assigns deals and all interactions to the correct sales and product teams in one step with full workflow-driven notification.
    • Flexible product definition and opportunity dimensions keep your teams selling rather than filling out spreadsheets.
    • Integrated sales forecasting eliminates painful spreadsheet updates, increases revenue visibility and features full drag-and-drop revision to simplify complex global planning.
  • Price Management
    • Combine virtual marketing  products with your existing products by account and deal to render the correct products and prices for quotes and forecasting.
    • Powertrak can even check for MFN (Most Favored Nation) prices to ensure compliance.
  • Maximize Engineering Service and Sample Control
    • Powertrak-enhanced Microsoft Dynamics CRM cases  provide one-stop issue control and streamline technical service for the entire team while trying to land the deals.
    • Optional portal-driven sample control simplifies  sample requests and provides tracking to keep your rep's time down and eliminate multiple tracking lists.
  • Part of the full PRM solution, with optional direct access to ERP
    • Sales, marketing and service handling for both internal and partner interactions are all in one place to ensure complete review and save time.
    • Powertrak is built using the Powertrak Application Builder and shares data with other systems, including optional interfaces to ERP systems.
  • Enhanced Dual Level Quoting
    • Whether your deals are direct or through distributors, Powertrak quoting creates accurate, secure quotes to maximize flexibility while reducing rep time.
    • During the quoting process the internal sales and distributors can see both the end-customer revenue and their profit margins as quantities and prices are changed.
  • Optional Rules-driven Quote Configuration
    • Built to handle complex product combinations and unique configurations, add the optional Product Configurator to ensure accuracy, completeness and increase revenue.
    • Build quotes in full power-user mode or using a simple wizard to minimize training, streamline quote generation while benefiting from rules-driven verification.
  • Distributor Agreement Management
    • Manage your Distributor Purchase Agreements in one place.
    • From the source legal documents, financial terms and negotiations, Powertrak  provides access without going through endless screens.
    • Powertrak keeps tabs on broken agreements and handles revision requests along with related approvals.
    • Hook up to your ERP-based POS controls and Order management systems to ensure that revisions are accurate and adjustments are approved.
  • Commission Manager and Other Optional Modules Deliver A Complete Solution
    • Add Powertrak modules such as Commission Management as you need them to round out your industry-specific solution or add general modules such as Unified Service Manager to improve every customer-facing department.
    • Powertrak, CRM and ERP solutions (Microsoft Dynamics AX and GP) can help you round out a complete one-stop solution.

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