Similar concept to Microsoft Excel, the Powertrak Editable Grids provides editing to any field entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Powertrak CPQ and Portal solutions. Editable Grids is a single-screen tool that reduces clicks, greatly improving usability and productivity.

Powertrak Editable Grids for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is more than a simple widget. It's a enterprise solution that's Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (CfMD) and works in partner-hosted and on-premise deployments.

Click here to learn how to build editable grids with Powertrak for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Editable Grids Overview

Change the quality settings to 720p for a better viewing experience. Powertrak Editable Grids can be embedded into an order form or built into a screen. Apply it to any standard or custom CRM entity. This demonstration shows... 1. Ability to sort by editable grid ; 2. Show or hide grid column; 3. Add new inline grid or add multiple grids; 4. Spreadsheet like functionality - Select multiple grids to view grid (SUM) totals; 5. Multiple editable grids interacting in one form - pushing data from one form into another.

Benefits of Editable Grids

  • Allows faster access to related records (eliminates multiple windows)
  • Supports edits to lookups, picklist, dates, owner fields...
  • Red and green color-coded indicators helps differentiate CRM data actions
  • Easy user adoption - same concept to Excel's data entry
  • Edit, add and delete single or multiple CRM records
  • Update multiple records simultaneously
  • Automatically save and update the edited data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Use Powertrak Application Builder To Create Hierarchical Editable Grids

Demo shows how to build filterable, editable, hierarchical grids in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and how to add/edit grid rows along with adding features such as "totaling to the grid."

Create New Records with Editable Grids in Microsoft Dynamics

Editable Grids for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Create new records or make edits to existing records without opening new windows or forms and without ever leaving the list. Multiple new rows can be added at once and the user can modify existing rows at the same time, saving all of their changes with one click.

Editable Grids Color-coded Indicators

Editable Grids with color-coded Indicators

Red and Green color-coded indicators appear on the left side of the row(s) that are affected.

A red bar indicates that data has been changed in that row, but has yet to be saved.

A green bar indicates that changes have been successfully saved to that row since the last refresh.



New Grid Rows Sensitive to Current Filter

Powertrak Editable Grids Set To Filters

New grid rows are also sensitive to your current filter. For example, the Date column in the new records has defaulted to the value specified in the list builder filter.

Filterable, Editable, Hierarchical Grids

Hierarchical Grids for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Data from multiple entities can be put in a single list screen.
  • Grids can be hierarchical (notice the products beneath the opportunity)
  • Multitude of controls (textbox, lookup, dropdown, and date controls)
  • Totals can be placed at the bottom
  • Grids can be filtered


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