Powertrak for Heavy Equipment Machinery Industry

Visually Build, Quote and Order Machinery

Build Heavy Equipment Cranes with Powertrak 3D ConfiguratorTurn your printed catalog into a digital, on-demand selling solution. Powertrak helps heavy equipment machinery companies automate the configure, price and quote process with visual and interactive technology. Place it on your website or behind a web portal to ensure users confidently design and order your customizable machinery.

Visualize the design. Visually showcase various machinery such as lifts, excavation, mining, roads, and more in near-photo realistic 3D models or 2D drawings. See how each product and accessory moves, rotates, lifts and pulls.

Make designing easy. Prevent users from ordering product combinations that cannot be built. Visual configurations simplify the complexity of adding the appropriate accessories, such as blades, cranes, buckets, beds to the machinery. Powertrak guides users to select the best compatible add-on product and shows how it fits together and moves.

Make ordering convenient. Drive customers to your website and empower them to visually design and order on their time. Powertrak ensures accurate bundling, pricing, and product combinations for sales, dealers, and customers to configure, price and quote your machinery - in real-time.

Virtual Reality. After the machine is designed, wear the HTC Vive to experience it in virtual reality.      Build & Order Configurable Machines

Simplify Heavy Equipment Machinery Configurations

Powertrak 3D Product Configurator software helps heavy equipment manufacturers visually communicate and showcase the competitive differences of their configurable machinery in a realistic and engaging manner.


Empower Your Sales Team, Customers, and Dealers to Configure Your Products!

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Visual Product Configurations

Visually add tires to cranes with Powertrak 3D CPQ

Select the type of undercarriage kit - wheels or track - click or drag it onto the model base.


Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Virtual Reality of Heavy Equipment Machinery with Powertrak VRoom

When the configuration is complete, experience the design in virtual reality, powered by Powertrak VRoom.


Attach equipment accessories to heavy equipment machinery

Storefront Features

•Full responsive, mobile ready

•Configure using 3D models

•Drag-and-drop or one-button push attachment

•Layered catalog browsing with extensive search

•Browse design ideas and personalization

•Offer stock product along with customization products

•Easy payment options, one page checkout

•Register customers, save designs and reorder