2D Product Configurator Benefits for Buyers

Visual Product Configurators Increase Web Visits and Transactions

Imagine that you’re building three new audio racks for your business. Each rack serves a unique purpose, so all three will be configured with different products. You have full reigns in the design but your manager needs to review and approve prior to purchase.

The old process required a collection of information from different departments to determine what products were needed, how many, and what size. Maybe someone physically measured the remaining rack space? Most likely adding or replacing parts/products was challenging and a time consuming process.

To solve this problem, you’ll need to find a solution that provides a means to build the audio rack with specific parts/products, itemized products needed, monitor costs, see a visual representation, and export all this information into a quote prior to ordering!

Powertrak now delivers an advanced configure-price-quote offering for product configurations called, Drag-and-Drop 2D Configurator, to organizations that sell configurable, multi-option, and customizable products or services.

With Powertrak 2D Interactive Designer, you’re equipped with tools to…

  • construct the audio rack by dragging-and-dropping parts/products into a virtual environment.
  • add or subtract parts/products on the fly.
  • move or rearrange parts/products within the virtual environment.
  • see a real-time visual representation of the configured audio rack.
  • monitor the cost to determine if it’s within budget.
  • increase user adoption
  • stimulate engagement
  • enhance the ordering experience

Once satisfied with the configuration, click ‘Next’ to generate the quote and forward it to your manager for final approval.

To see how Powertrak 2D Product Configurator can help your organization simplify the ordering process, please request a 2D Configurator demonstration today.

2D Product Configurator by Powertrak Screenshot