3 Unique Ways to Use 3D Configurators

3D technology is exploding in growth, with seemingly endless ways to customize creations for business, home, personal use, artistic creations – you name it! A few of the new and exciting ways that 3D product configurators are being used include home remodels, athletic facilities, and to support a sales team. Here are three unique ways that 3D configurators are being used today.

Empowering Choices

Office managers, department managers, and even homeowners have a specific vision of how they’d like a specific room or space to look. Powertrak CPQ and VR software delivers an easier way to visually plan, create, design, and virtually experience one or many rooms.

3D Room Configurator by Powertrak

For example, during a kitchen remodel, a 3D configurator provides a homeowner with visual renderings of cabinets in various wood species or paint colors, and appliances in stainless steel or in color. All of the elements in the room can be rearranged until the favorite layout is determined. Customers could even design certain furnishings, such as a customized rug. From various patterns, colors, materials, sizes – if a customer has a particular look in mind, 3D product configurators help them design that "just right" piece.

Moreover, 3D configurators empower homeowners to work more intimately with their builder, interior designer or remodeler to design their home to best reflect their taste.

Build Custom Fitness Equipment

The fitness equipment industry has a variety of customers, from high schools to health clubs, colleges to healthcare rehabilitation facilities. Each has specific parameters as far as budget, space, equipment usage, and design. A 3D configurator is particularly useful in a market where customers have distinct, multiple needs that must be addressed.

3D Configurators Support Sales

DYNAMIC Fitness & Strength, a supplier of custom and personalized strength and fitness equipment, strengthened its relationships with dealers and customers by using a 3D configurator that allows buyers to custom design, visualize and order its fitness and strength systems in a streamlined quoting and ordering process. It enables customers and dealers to interactively custom design and buy products immediately, without waiting days or weeks for designs to be approved, then manufacturing to take place and then finally the delivery.

Read more ways that a 3D product configurator helped a company transform its ordering experience in this case study.

Support Sales Team with Visuals

3D technology is useful in the broader business world as well. 3D product configurators are becoming crucial tools that help sales teams build sales quotes and configure product orders quickly and accurately. Thanks to visual representations, a buyer can see a “spin and zoom” representation of the product they’d like to purchase. They can easily add or remove parts, change colors and see multiple views before ordering a product.

One example is Middle Atlantic Products, a company that manufactures racks, enclosures and infrastructure products for AV systems. It uses an interactive visualization tool to help configure complex, make-to-order products (accessories include power, audio, shelves, vents) with the software available anywhere in the world with internet access.

There are many unique ways that 3D configurators are being used. From designing custom homes to fitness equipment, 3D configurators are crucial tools. They give customers a better visual understanding and the ability to customize a “just right” product, so they have assurance when they make their purchase.