4 Positive Side Effects Sales Reps Will Notice With CPQ Software

CPQ Software Side Effects for Sales RepsSales reps are some of the hardest working people in the workforce. Managing customer accounts, building relationships, delivering timely and accurate quotes, problem-solving, finding ways to upsell without being pushy, memorizing product information — and the list goes on.

Their work requires time, effort and focus to ensure that they’re not only getting customers the things they need, but also supporting company goals. CPQ software has become a widely used tool to help sales reps do all these things and more.

CPQ software is a tool that allows sales reps to not only find the most up to date product information and pricing, but also deliver quotes and work with customers to configure their perfect product in real-time.

But as a result, many sales reps have experienced some strangely positive side effects after using CPQ software. If you’re a sales rep who’s trying to convince your company to invest in CPQ software, here’s (a light-hearted list of) what you need to be prepared for.

1. Your boss will ask you to take on new projects.

CPQ software streamlines the quoting process by providing instant access to all the latest product and pricing information in one central place, as well as automated suggestions for product add-ons. This means you’re able to deliver more accurate quotes and create the perfect product to fit your customer’s needs.

However, this also means that you’ll be spending less time creating and updating quotes, leaving you with plenty of time to take on more responsibility and special projects. Yep. No more telling the boss you’re swamped and unable to plan the office holiday party.

2. You may feel lightheaded.

Since CPQ software houses all the latest product information in one location, you don’t need to store every single little and big piece of product information in your head. As a result, there’s a chance you may feel a little dizzy now that there's extra room in your brain for other bits of knowledge like remembering to pick up dog food or fun facts about cheese.

3. You’ll no longer be able to complain about your customers.

CPQ software helps you deliver the best possible customer service. Not only do you have all the product information at your fingertips, but the 2D or 3D product configurator feature supports near-realistic virtual images and pictures, adding significant value to the ordering process for customers.

So, you’ll most likely be dealing with more happy customers, which will seriously limit your ability to complain about how awful and demanding they are during post-work happy hours.

4. You may have to take a vacation.

If you’re a sales rep that constantly puts off that “wonderful” family vacation because you simply have too much work to do, CPQ software’s ability to streamline your workload could mean you’ve run out of excuses to go visit the in-laws for an entire week.

In all seriousness, CPQ software empowers you to be better, faster, more efficient at your job. It delivers critical information, support and technology to best serve your customers, partners, dealers, and distributors. But if you use it, be prepared to have a better quality of work and home life.

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