Discover aftermarket compression and equipment service provider, Arkos Field Services', experience searching and selecting a configure-price-quote solution to automate its quote-to-order process, speed the quote generation time, and improve staff productivity. Click here to download the Sales and Service Quoting Case Study.

Arkos Speeds Service Quoting with Powertrak CPQ

Aftermarket Compression and Equipment Service provider finds Powertrak CPQ increases customer engagement and improves sales and service quoting efficiency by eliminating manual look-ups and data entry.

Arkos Field Services, an aftermarket compression and equipment service provider responsible for maintaining, monitoring, and servicing OEM equipment for the oil and gas industry, recognized inefficiencies in its service quoting process that prevented them from rapidly engaging in more sales opportunities.

Arkos evaluated Configure-Price-Quote solutions that demonstrate robust quoting automation for service-driven organizations. The company selected Powertrak CPQ software to help speed the quote generation time and improve staff productivity.

Inefficiencies in Arkos' service quoting process led to sales managers taking several days to upwards of a week to gather all of the necessary information to complete a quote.

The process was so cumbersome that it required sales support staff to maintain, update, and distribute static Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for sales reps to calculate service costs such as time, travel, labor, parts, and per diems. Sales managers then manually entered that data into Microsoft Word before a final quote is sent to the customer.

“Successfully completing a job quote was an excruciating time-consuming task. Our sales managers were required to understand the job, scope it, contact the OEM about parts and pricing, and calculate service expenditures, all before finalizing the quote.” - Eric May, director, PMO at Arkos

Arkos finally reached a breaking point and researched ways to improve its sales and service quoting efficiency by eliminating manual look-ups and data entry that resulted in long quoting cycles, quoting inaccuracies, or delayed deliveries.

Arkos is calculating service costs and quoting jobs in under three minutes with Powertrak CPQ.Seeking to incorporate quoting automation to speed its quote generation time and improve staff productivity, Arkos evaluated Configure-Price-Quote solutions with robust quoting automation for service-driven organizations. The company selected Axonom’s cloud-based Powertrak CPQ to integrate into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Powertrak is a robust yet ‘thin’ (no downloads) browser-based solution. It’s certified by Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), verifying complete compatibility to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

Powertrak CPQ enriches the sales and service quoting experience by simplifying the complexity, ensuring accuracy, increasing confidence, and speeding the quotation time. Users are equipped to quickly and confidently create quotes in minutes with 100% accurate calculations.

“Axonom clearly established themselves as the go-to partner with a flexible and robust quoting solution to solve our business needs,” said Savannah Criddle, sales and marketing coordinator at Arkos. “Right from the start, Axonom understood our industry, coached our team on best practices, and had a highly customizable CPQ solution. In addition, they proved to be lower in cost and offered maintenance-free hardware and software management by hosting Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powertrak at NetPRM, its cloud-based hosting environment.”

Axonom’s SaaS offering on NetPRM enables businesses to use Powertrak CPQ and Microsoft Dynamics CRM via the cloud with no responsibility for upgrades and maintenance.

Arkos is now streamlining and automating its quoting processes with Powertrak. Arkos’ sales managers are quickly creating and delivering accurate sales and service quotes that once took days to now under three minutes.

Not only is the company increasing its sales engagement volume but also revenues through the quoting automation provided by Powertrak CPQ.

“Arkos is now executing quotes more efficiently, quickly, and accurately with Powertrak,” said Mike Belongie, COO at Axonom. “The company is in a position to go after new business faster without adding additional resources.”

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