Axonom Delivers CPQ Solutions to California Manufacturers

Axonom Delivers Visual CPQ Solutions to California – Frenso, Irvine, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in CaliforniaAxonom delivers partner portals, configure price quote, visual product configurator solutions to global high-tech manufacturers in California.

With over 13 years of implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powertrak’s industry-specific solutions to some of the largest tech companies in California.

Powertrak automates revenue-generating business processes, sales quoting and product configuration procedures for high-tech manufacturers.

Highlighted by our advanced CPQ solution, product configurators (including visual 2D and 3D Configurations), customers utilize these solutions to manage their quote-to-cash cycle, automate time entry and billing management processes, and streamline transactions. So, it’s not surprising that Axonom is one of the most respected and top Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners in California.

Top 6 California High-Tech Industries Powertrak Serves…

  1. Semiconductor
  2. Software
  3. Network and Communication Equipment
  4. Computer Hardware
  5. Electronic Components
  6. Data Storage


Key Business Solutions

Successful manufacturers in California use industry-specific CRM solutions to better manage their complex sales processes and distribution model, drive value-added sales activities, speed new products to market, and prioritize high-value accounts for maximum profitability. They need business processes to flow between ERP and CRM automatically with specific functions for sales quoting management, credit management, invoices, shipping status, backlog, available-to-promise, inventory status, financials, and other business processes.

California manufacturers turn to Axonom for consulting, training and implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powertrak. Powertrak gives businesses tools to sell and service to their customers and partners in an environment that includes multi-level relationship tracking, web self-service, partner/dealer loyalty management tools, streamlined quote-to-order processing, hassle-free payment options, and a worldwide presence. As a result, Powertrak CPQ and Portals enable businesses to sell more, sell faster, increase revenues, market share, and profitability.

White Paper: Gain Greater Efficiency, Agility and Control with a Unified ERP and CRM Solution with Microsoft Dynamics

Axonom and Armanino Consulting White PaperThis white paper shows a complete solution that manages every aspect of the supply chain, including contract manufacturing and trading partner management, as well as balance demand with production efforts, maintain optimum inventory levels and meet customer expectations profitably.

Business Solutions For California Manufacturers– Axonom’s Powertrak solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM include Customer and Partner Portals, Guided Selling, Quoting Automation, and Product Configurator.

Powertrak CPQ Customers in California – Irvine Scientific, LF Illumination, Salsbury Industries, Sound Technologies, ISSI, and more.