Axonom Sponsors Macola Evolve 2017

CPQ Software for Macola 10, Progression or ES

CPQ Software for Exact MacolaAxonom is sponsoring Macola Evolve 2017 - New Orleans from April 18-21. 

Macola customers typically attend Evolve to convene and communicate on topics pertaining to business growth, connect with add-on technology partners, and to meet experts in the ERP industry.

As the sole provider of sales quoting, ordering, and product configuration software for Macola 10 and legacy ERP versions, we invite manufacturing business leaders to learn and experience what Powertrak CPQ and Virtual Reality can do for your sales performance.

Powertrak CPQ and VR Experience

Visit Axonom in the solution center, where you can:

  • Learn how CPQ software helps Macola users configure complex products accurately, quote with speed, and order efficiently.
  • Discover new technology to visually configure products and then experience it in virtual reality.
  • Register to receive the Powertrak CPQ and VR limited-time pricing promotion.
  • Explore operating rooms, heavy equipment machinery, and data center facilities at our virtual reality experience station.

CPQ Solution Suite for Macola Users

Virtual Reality CPQ for Macola Users

Discover add-on solutions from Technology Alliance Partners, like Axonom, offering features to enhance your Macola software investment.

Powertrak and Macola enable sales teams, channel partners, and customers to configure make-to-order products with accuracy, price and quote faster than traditional manual look-ups or spreadsheets. These solutions improve the customer's buying experience by offering the right products, at the right price, at the right time.