Design Win Opportunity Management Software

Powertrak Design Win, powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, is the leading platform supporting lead management, design registration, and opportunity management for semiconductor and electronic manufacturers. Many companies leverage Design Win to:

Enhance visibility into all aspects of new business opportunities  |  Accelerate time-to-delivery  | Improve the coordination of resources  |  Provide better forecasting data-aiding the procurement and manufacturing processes

In this video, we introduce the basic features and functions of lead management, design registration and opportunity management, samples handling, workflow and approvals routing, DPA control and commission handling for the semiconductor, microelectronics, other high-tech manufacturing industries. 

Organizations are expected to provide complete visibility and total accuracy from the generation of leads through product delivery.

Inefficient and outdated systems can slow quarterly forecasts and allow errors.

Communication and coordination on projects often slow or breakdown without the ability to track multiple parties involved in single project

Together, Powertrak and Microsoft Dynamics CRM enable users to work from any lead, sample request, or design registration to create and track Design Win opportunities and generate timely quotes with accurate pricing. All this drives global forecast down to the SKU and provides links into commissions and POS data for end-to-end distributor management.

Empower your internal and external team to better manage deals; protecting margins, reducing quoting turn-around time, and minimizing issues—all to lower costs and relieve overall effort.


This step-by-step tutorial shows how Powertrak helps to connect the complex web of distributors, suppliers, and OEMs to create customer-driven solutions. It automates lead and opportunity management, design registration, samples and commission handling, workflow and approvals routing, and DPA control.

Learn how to:
1) Create a design registration
2) Create a design win opportunity
3) Create a quote using Powertrak Design Win on Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Powertrak Design Win Includes

  • Streamlined Lead Intake - Rapid registration, auto-team assignment, multi-channel handling and NEDA compliance internally and via portals.
  • Optional Mobile Device Access - To simplify system access.
  • Enhanced Opportunities & Forecasting - With account manager and product manager workflow-driven control. Integrated to drag-and-drop global sales forecasting to improve planning
  • Price Maintenance - Deal and account-based price matrices across time-based dimensions.
  • Unlimited Role-based Team Assignment - Configurable workflow rules get all interactions to the right account and product teams at the right time.
  • Maximize Service Across Multiple Support Center Locations & Languages - Complete engineering and sample control in one system for true international enterprise service.
  • Enhanced Dual-level Quoting - Internal sales team and distributor portal access in one system.
  • Optional Rules-Driven Configured Quoting - Ensure accurate and complete quoting in a simple wizard interface.
  • Enterprise Deal Handling - Handle multiple boards and sockets in a parent/child tree or individual deals to match your business requirements.
  • Integrated to ERP - Optional links to ERP systems to avoid duplication, improve account management and shorten service cycles.
  • Distributor Purchase Agreement Management - Both internal teams and partners can work with complex agreements, with document control, broken agreement functions and secure portal access.
  • Commission Management - Manage complex splits, rates and role-driven compensation with optional interfaces to ERP and payment systems.