How Product Configurators Empower Customers to Buy

Customer uses product configurator software to make online purchaseWhen you add CPQ software to your business, you’re adding a tool that will streamline operations, mitigate customer pain points and generate more accurate quotes.

In fact, research from the Aberdeen Group shows that businesses currently using CPQ software solutions report closing 30 percent more deals than other companies.

For businesses that sell customizable products, a product configurator with 3D visualization is an absolute must for encouraging and growing sales.

Product configurators empower customers to buy by giving them more power over the product and sales process.

Here are five product configurator features that contribute to that customer empowerment:

1. Visual product configurators allow people to see designs before purchase.

Nobody likes to buy something without seeing it first. A product configurator offers 2D renderings or 3D modeling, which allows customers to visualize the product and take comfort in the fact that they know what they’ll be getting.

2. Customers can customize their designs.

Many companies sell products that are available in multiple colors and sizes, and with different add-ons and accessories. Product configurators allow customers to completely customize their orders.

3. People can order from anywhere.

Nothing empowers customers to buy more than giving than access to an easy-to-use platform. Companies that offer a customer portal along with their product configurator allow customers to order from anywhere with an Internet connection.

4. Customers can place their own orders.

Again, when combined with a customer portal, a product configurator allows customers to customize their order and then place it themselves.

For example, DYNAMIC Fitness & Strength is a growing supplier of custom and personalized strength and fitness equipment. By implementing a 3D product configurator and portal, DYNAMIC Fitness as able to create an easy-to-use ordering system that put the buying power in their customers’ and dealers’ hands.

5. Pricing is available in real-time.

CPQ software is able to store all your products and their most current prices in one place. While using the product configurator all of those products and prices can be accessed immediately, which allows for accurate, real-time pricing.

If you want to empower your customers to complete more sales, you need to make the process easy for them. A product configurator as part of your CPQ system can help you do it.

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