Interactive Solutions To Design Today's OR Suite

Axonom Exhibits 3D CPQ and VR Solutions at OR Manager Conference

Virtual Reality Operating Room Experience

Last week in Las Vegas, we exhibited Powertrak 3D Product Configurator and Virtual Reality solutions to more than 1,400 managers and directors involved in leading the surgical suite at the OR Manager Conference.

The response from both exhibitors and attendees about our futuristic technology to visually design OR suites and then invite all stakeholders to virtually explore the designed room was amazing!

Magnets-to-Virtual Reality

Many people were drawn to the virtual reality experience in our booth. In fact, after exploring the OR room, one older gentleman took off the HTC Vive headset and said, "Incredible! Technology has come a long way. We used to plan and design rooms with pictured magnets."

Design Challenges

We heard first-hand of the many challenges OR managers and designers face when designing medical procedure rooms. Here are a few painful experiences shared:

"After the construction team completed the project, we toured the room and discovered one of the lights attached to the boom prevented the door from fully opening."

"We were initially pleased with the room layout but when the surgeon came in, he showed us a number of flaws with improper equipment placement."

"I once miscalculated the size of the room and a large machine obstructed the path to the door."

Build. Design. Quote. Order.

Virtual Reality Experience at OR Manager ConferencePowertrak software helps medical manufacturers sell and market their equipment to hospitals and surgical centers in an informative, intelligent, and inviting way.

Customers and partners can visualize, design, price, and buy make-to-order products inside virtual environments via laptops or tablets.

OR Managers and Designers have tools to custom design medical rooms with unique dimensions and equip the OR suite with near-realistic 3D product models of storage carts, tables, lights, and other medical equipment.

When the room layout design is complete, they can invite everyone involved (management, stakeholders, and users) to an immersive virtual reality experience of the configured environment for endorsement and final approval.

Solutions to Plan, Equip, and Support

With large medical manufacturers at the conference taking an interest, hospital managers, designers, and planners can soon see Powertrak 3D Product Configurator powering the design, quote, and order processes for companies such as Skytron, Ansell, Boston Scientific, BD, Stryker, Medtronic, Olympus, Hänel Storage Systems, STERIS, and Toshiba America Medical Systems.