Microsoft Dynamics CRM Expands Browser and Device Strategy

Microsoft Dynamics CRM to support Chrome, Safari, and Firefox browsers in December 2012 Service Update

Microsoft DynamicsRemember back to January of this year when Microsoft Dynamics announced its browser support for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox would be delayed? Well, after a long wait, cross-browser support is part of the December 2012 Service Update – which is roughly a month away.

Other notables in the December 2012 Service Update includes pre-defined best-practice sales and service business process definitions; deeper connection to Yammer and Skype; embedded Bing maps; Microsoft Office 2013 compatibility; and cross-browser support enabling new levels of communications and collaboration for customers.

Via November 1st press release, Microsoft laid out some of the significant upgrades and changes Dynamics CRM users will see in the coming months.

  • Cross Browser Support
    • December 2012 service update expands browser support to include Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome running on Windows-based PCs, and Firefox and Apple Safari running on Macintosh desktop computers.
    • Support for Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) will no longer be offered for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online customers. Must download IE8 or 9.
    • Safari support to be provided for Apple iPad.
    • Windows 8 Mobile will be available in mid-2013.
  • Business Processes and User Experience
    • Prospect and customer addresses will be displayed on embedded Bing maps.
    • Role-specific User – Guides sales and service professionals through pre-defined lead, opportunity and case management processes.
    • New Business Process Definitions – Track and manage leads, opportunities, contacts and accounts. Make it simpler for people to understand their customer and be able to better connect and collaborate with each other.
  • Yammer and Skype
    • Yammer Collaboration
      • Microsoft Dynamics CRM users can collaborate with colleagues inside their organization or with customers, partners and other stakeholders.
      • Simple information sharing around customers, business processes and key business documents through social networking capabilities.
    • Skype
      • Initiate voice and video communications directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
      • Enables businesses to open communication channels and connect with individuals inside or outside of their organization.
      • Just my thought here… “How come they didn’t do this with Microsoft Lync?”
  • Marketing Automation Enhancement
    • Via MarketingPilot Acquisition
      • Enable marketers to successfully plan, execute, monitor, and optimize customer interactions across digital, social and traditional channels, and measure ROI.

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