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Powertrak VR Design Viewer for Google Daydream

Virtual Reality Experience On Smartphones

Download the Powertrak VR Designer Viewer app on your smartphone and connect it to a Google Daydream or Samsung Gear VR headset to experience 3D product configurations and space layout designs in virtual reality.

Is your mobile device compatible with these VR headsets? Find out if you have a Samsung Gear VR or Daydream-ready smartphone.



Step 1. Download Powertrak VR Design Viewer App

Powertrak VR Design Viewer on Google PlayGoogle Daydream users with Daydream-ready devices: From your smartphone, open Google Play and search for "Axonom" and download the Powertrak VR Design Viewer (with the Daydream icon) or click this Google Play button.


Powertrak VR Design Viewer on Oculus StoreSamsung Gear VR users: Connect your Samsung smartphone to the Gear VR headset. Turn on the headset and search for "Axonom" in the Oculus Store and download the Powertrak VR app.



Step 2. Experience A Design

Number Pad on Samsung Gear VROpen the Powertrak VR Design Viewer App and a number pad will appear in view. You will enter a five-digit code to experience unique layout designs.

To experience an OR Suite design, enter 00001 into the number pad, and 00002 to experience a Kitchen layout.



OR Suite - 00001    Kitchen - 00002





Step 3. Navigate The Scene

Navigate the VR surgical suite with hand controllerTo navigate around the room, look into the viewer and aim the blue ring to an open space in the room.

On the Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream hand controller, press the touchpad button (located on the top device) for 1-2 seconds (until the ring is completely blue) and release. You will teleport to that location.

Move around the room to get different perspectives of the layout design.



*Click here if you have Google Cardboard.



Step 4. Visualize and Validate

Virtual Reality on Mobile SmartphonePowertrak VR Design Viewer is an effective way for manufacturers to distribute immersive virtual reality of configurable products and floor space planning layouts to its customers. 

This mobile viewing experience enables customers to make smarter buying decisions by seeing and exploring 3D product models. 

This is a read-only experience for scene viewing and exploration. For those needing VR with product interaction, learn more about Powertrak VRoom.

Contact Axonom for more information on features, cost, implementation, integration, etc.


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