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Most important steps in a CRM customer buying cycle

Posted by Michael Bauer 12/28/2012 Categories: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

A CRM Customer Buying Cycle Infographic from Microsoft Switzerland

Here is a good infographic from the CRM Software Blog editors – an online publication that Axonom is a member of. All images, credits and rights in this post go to the CRM Software Blog editors.

This illustration comes from new research on the usage of CRM in Switzerland with which Swiss enterprises still experience major problems in 2012. For instance, almost 36% of Swiss businesses maintain their customer data poorly – not a great result if you bear the importance of these data in mind.

In this year’s survey there were a few questions about data privacy in CRM. Unbelievable that “only” 82% find that data privacy is (very) important in CRM.

Steps in a CRM customer buying cycle

This infographic from Microsoft Switzerland visualizes the most important steps in customer buying cycle and customer lifecycle. Furthermore, it gives you an example where CRM is used within a company. If you would like more information on how CRM can best be utilized for your organization, please contact us.