Novus CPQ Podcast on the Axonom Acquisition

David Demres and Mike Belongie share thoughts on the acquisition

Novus CPQ Interview with Mike Belongie at Axonom

Frank Sohn, President of Novus CPQ, invites David Demres and Mike Belongie to his weekly CPQ podcast series to discuss AutoQuotes' (AQ) acquisition of Axonom.

Novus CPQ Consulting is a trusted configuration, price, and quote consulting partner with CPQ and Quote-to-Cash experience since 1996.

In this episode, Mike Belongie explains the future of Axonom and how partnering with AQ benefits current and future Powertrak CPQ customers.

David Demres, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development at AQ, shares why the company added a visual configuration platform with floor space planning and virtual experiences to its existing CPQ platform.

"We are constantly in conversations with our customers, and we have consistently heard that manufacturers want more powerful, visual configuration capabilities. They want to equip their sales channels with high-quality visual configurations to drive sales. They want to expose their products directly to operators to configure and learn, then push those leads through to their sales channel. They want an overall better, more impressive customer experience." -David Demres 

Novus CPQ Interview Questions

  • What was the trigger for AQ to begin M&A discussions with Axonom?
  • What will AQ and Axonom do together that they couldn't do by themselves?
  • How did Axonom customers react to the news?
  • Where do you see the most potential benefit for existing AQ customers?
  • What will change in the next 6-12 months?
  • When should we expect a new combined product?
  • How, if at all are the two company cultures similar and different?
  • What features and capabilities are in focus now?



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