Novus CPQ Releases Visual and Virtual CPQ Report

Novus CPQ Consulting, a Configure Price Quote software Research and Consulting Firm, released its Research Report for virtual reality and visual CPQ solutions.

Axonom and nine other CPQ providers, along with their customers from North America and Europe, participated in this research.

The authors have a combined 40+ years of CPQ experience and provide an in-depth overview of the current visual (2D/3D) and virtual reality CPQ (Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality) market, which we find educational and interesting.

Novus CPQ Virtual Reality ReportFree Preview of the Report

  • What is visual and virtual CPQ?
  • Overview of the techniques used in visual and virtual CPQ.
  • How big is the visual and virtual CPQ market?
  • Which industries benefit from visual CPQ?
  • Where can customers and prospects learn more?
  • What ROI can you expect from visual CPQ solutions?

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  • The journey of the typical customer into visual and virtual CPQ
  • Different ways of adding visual experience in CPQ Solutions
  • Use 2D only (Basics, Key Challenges, Training, Maintenance)
  • Use 3D only (Basics, Key Challenges, Training, Maintenance)
  • Use a combination of 2D and 3D
  • The key takeaway of 2D vs 3D decision
  • Virtual Reality (Basics, Key Challenges, Training, Maintenance)
  • Augmented Reality (Basics, Key Challenges, Training, Maintenance)
  • Planning budget for visual & virtual CPQ Solutions
  • CPQ vendors with visual & virtual capabilities
  • Future trends to look out for

Novus CPQ Report on Visual and Virtual Realty Configurator