Powertrak Product Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM simplifies Forklift Manufacturer’s customer to configure orders on mobile devices.

Minneapolis, MN- July 3, 2012 Axonom, a leading provider of high-tech industry Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, today announced its participation in a new white paper: 24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers. This white paper was written for companies who want to prove the business value of CRM software, evaluate the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or be inspired to use CRM in wildly creative ways for their own organizations.

Axonom is one of a group of 15 CRM experts from the CRM Software Blog who compiled real-life examples into an upbeat, easy to read white paper proving that CRM software is much more than just contact management, it can transform your entire business.

Axonom contributed to the white paper with an example of a Forklift manufacturing company giving its clients the option to configure their orders on mobile devices. Using its Powertrak Product Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the sales person lets the buyer pick the options they like. From forks to tires, the customer clicks to order.

The Powertrak CPQ - eCommerce, Quoting, Ordering, Product Configurator software for Microsoft Dynamics CRM ensures accurate quotes and orders and eliminates data-entry errors in make-to-order and standard products. Multi-channel organizations use this solution in the office, on mobile devices, or through the Powertrak Partner Portal to provide their partners with tailored quoting and ordering functions.

"Our mobile Product Configurator gives business professionals a means to work alongside their customer to develop a new product design, configure an order, and present a quote right from their tablet," said Mike Belongie, COO at Axonom. "As a result, they now have the tools to sell more, sell faster by accurately generating sales quotes, orders, and proposals when it’s most convenient - in front of the customer."

This white paper is the first in the CRM PANEL PAPERS series presented by an international panel of CRM experts at CRM Software Blog. "A group of 15 software experts from around the world, with backgrounds using various CRM products, provided input for this white paper. These are companies who truly think outside of the box when looking for ways to help their clients and we are proud to have them as contributing members," says Anya Ciecierski, Editor of the CRM Software Blog.

If you are currently evaluating the need for CRM software, this white paper can help prove the business value. If you are thinking of upgrading an existing CRM system, the examples in this document will help you assess the flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. And if you already use Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it will give you ideas on how to use your system in new ways. A key takeaway is that you may not need multiple software systems to accomplish various business goals when everything can be done within one system: Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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