Salsbury Industries - reinvents how customers design and order commercial mailboxes with the help of Powertrak 2D Product Configurator.

Minneapolis, MN- March 17, 2015 Axonom, a global provider of cloud-based configure-price-quote and visual product configuration software, today announces Salsbury Industries - replaces its database-driven configurator for a 2D visual product configurator powered by Powertrak. The replacement in configuration systems meets the growing demand for visualization in the ordering process, and is expected to boost user adoption, improve engagement, and enhance the customer experience.

Salsbury Industries -, a manufacturer and distributor of quality commercial and residential mailboxes, recognized the need to improve its product configuration system. The company began an extensive search to replace its legacy configurator with one that demonstrated a robust rules engine, supported compelling visual renderings, enabled drag-and-drop capabilities, and proved to be scalable and flexible.

"A few years ago, guiding customers through a series of set questions on a public-facing website was industry practice for mailbox configurations," said Mark Eu at Salsbury Industries. "Today's customer expects a better, more intuitive, visual ordering experience. To meet that expectation, we are offering a comprehensive, user-friendly mailbox configuration system that simplifies the ordering process, embraces designing and mailbox door placement, displays two-dimensional visual renderings, and a 100% assurance that configurations meet USPS guidelines."

Salsbury Industries - selected Powertrak 2D Visual Product Configurator, hosted on Axonom's SaaS offering, NetPRM, as a stand-alone product with no immediate integration into in-house software. "We found that Axonom had an offering that met our current and future needs, and the positive cultural fit between companies was also a factor in our decision making process," added Eu.

According to Mark Eu, the company expects to see major improvements to its user adoption and CPQ processes with Powertrak. "We now have a user-friendly and visually-driven design, quote, and checkout solution available on our website for anyone interested in custom designing particular mailboxes."

Embedded in the website, users will be able to launch the mailbox configurator by clicking on the configurator button. A set of introductory questions help define the number of compartments and type of mailbox to be configured. Unlike the database-driven configurator, a two-dimensional visual representation of the mailbox appear on the screen.

"Once the new configurator is launched, customers will be able to more easily design their custom mailboxes," said Mike Belongie, COO at Axonom. "Powertrak's rules engine, visualization, and empowerment for individual involvement will increase engagement with both channel partners and customers, resulting in an improved customer experience."

With Powertrak powering the configuration, the user selects the type of mailbox or parcel door they are interested in and drags-and-drops it into an appropriate location (determined by the rules engine) on the two-dimensional mailbox rendering. From there, additional options are made available such as the type of finish, engravings, labels, and numbering sequence. When the configuration is complete, users are able to save the configuration, quote it, or complete the order at checkout.

"More and more companies are recognizing the benefits of automating their CPQ process and empowering their customers to design, quote, and buy," added Belongie. "Many Powertrak customers have commented that its visual product configurator solution is not only an effective sales tool, but also a powerful marketing tool."

About Axonom
Axonom is an independent software vendor that develops, designs, and markets Powertrak, the innovative B2B revenue management suite for high-tech and manufacturing industries. Powertrak enables companies to successfully sell and service to its customers and partners in an environment that requires multi-level relationship tracking, web self-service, partner/dealer loyalty management tools, streamlined quote-to-order processing, service revenue management, hassle-free payment options, and a worldwide presence.

Enriched with mobile extendibility, the Powertrak solution suite includes: Customer and Partner Portals, Configure-Price-Quote, 2D/3D Visual Product Configurator, Quote Configurator, Guided Selling, and Forecasting. By delivering more transactions more efficiently through channels at a lower cost, Powertrak helps customers achieve greater profit potential.