Product-based Lighting Shines in Powertrak 3D Configurator

Little-known lighting feature delivers 'WOW' factor in room configurations.

Lighting is a key element that many mediums use to shape, enhance, and alter human emotion. Cinema directors, photographers, and retail leaders use lighting to set the mood and to manipulate a person's perception of something.

Online ordering platforms need to adopt this strategy as well. Visual product configurators and eCommerce software are like brick-and-mortar stores and must utilize lighting to create a comfortable atmosphere, motivate and inspire buyers, and move eyes toward products purposely positioned in a room layout.

Powertrak 3D Product Configurator uses product-based lighting to enhance the brilliance and intensity of color, illuminate surfaces and textures, draw attention to a product feature, and bring forth subtle details in a product.

Product-based lighting is a real-time, adjustable lighting process that enables a product to cast light using a special attachment point. Users can adjust the lighting intensity, color, range, and type (spot or point: spot being unidirectional and point being omnidirectional), as well as the spotlights angle.

Product-based lighting is most often stationary. A good example of this is a ceiling light. On the other hand, because this feature is built on attachment points, light can move with movable products. Think of a medical light on an adjustable arm.

Ceiling lighting and medical lights in a visual configurator
Fluorescent ceiling and LED surgical lights are two types of product-based lighting. Notice the defined ceiling texture?

Sales reps, distributors, and resellers use Powertrak 3D Product Configurator to custom design products and place those products into a unique space. Users have control to add fluorescent lighting systems into the ceiling of the configured interior room/space to focus on a product or make a product's features stand out.

When the room design is complete, the sales rep presents to the customer using the visual configurator and/or virtual reality and/or augmented reality. The rep listens to feedback from the customer and can make on-the-fly changes if necessary. If there are other decision-makers who need to sign off on the project, a link is sent to them to experience the room design in VR or AR using a mobile smartphone or tablet device.

Why is product-based lighting important to the configuration experience? It helps sales reps:

  • communicate product features and characteristics
  • showcase one or many products in the room
  • create a clean and attractive environment
  • deliver a more realistic configuration and buying experience

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Manufacturers that sell configurable products in unique spaces are urged to schedule a demo to experience how Powertrak customers sell their products using a visual product configurator with floor space planning, and market to key stakeholders using virtual reality and augmented reality.

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