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As a software organization with a large services team, Axonom takes great pride in serving its customers.

We are ONLY focused to implementing Powertrak software, this is our true expertise and one of the reasons why we are so successful in deploying projects for customers in the high-tech and manufacturing industries.

If you are interested in joining the Axonom team, view our current job openings, and please submit a cover letter with your resume.

Mission Statement
Axonom's Professional Services team is to assist clients in the successful achievement of their Customer Relationship Management business objectives through the appropriate use and implementation of Powertrak technologies by maintaining the highest level of employee and client satisfaction.

Staff Responsibilities
Axonom's Professional Services operates as a team and requires the cooperation of multiple roles to achieve its goals. We will work closely with you to listen and learn about your corporate goals. Below is a brief description of our professional services team that your company will be in contact with throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Manages the Axonom consulting staff who implements Powertrak solutions.

The Vice President of Services meets with all levels of the customer's organization from CIO, Vice President to President. The Vice President of Services partners with the Axonom sales team to make sure that consulting and education are part of the solution sold to Axonom customers. Recruiting, management and career development of consulting staff. Ensuring quality services delivery in all consulting engagements.

Responsible for the delivery of the project and client satisfaction.

This position works with a multitude of different team members including Business Analysts/Implementation Consultants throughout the project lifecycle. The project lifecycle ranges from analysis and design, scope definition, documentation of business processes where needed, requirements definition and gathering, design documentation, development, and implementation, user acceptance testing, training and Go Live Support.

Responsible for producing the project deliverables as laid out in design and requirements documents and statements of work.

This position creates and maintains the development environments. They will communicate status of deliverables, report issues to the Project Manager, and identify/fix any reported bugs. In addition, they will test to ensure that the customizations function as intended and meet project requirements.

Project Implementations
Our Professional Services team utilizes a comprehensive phased project implementation approach built upon the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology.

Our team will work with your organization in setting priorities, refining the objectives and setting ROI targets for the subsequent project phases. We will look at how your organization operates and does business. With our 15 years of ROI producing projects and proven methodology, we know what questions to ask and how to process information, and deliver business results. 

During the early Analysis and Design Phase, our consultants will analyze the sales, marketing and services business processes of your company, define and gather requirements for the initiative in addition to developing detailed design documentation of the solution. Our collaborative and iterative approach ensures that your stakeholders are involved in every step of the way in building the blue print for the new application. 

The Implementation Phase provides the Axonom project resources with a defined process to complete the configuration and customization of the application on a development environment, as specified by the stated design and requirements. We handle integration needs into other backend/ERP systems as well as data migrations from legacy systems utilizing Scribe or the native Data Migration Manager. 

The Deployment Phase involves moving the entire configuration to the Staging Environment for the user acceptance testing process. Custom end user training is conducted as well as system administration training for the customers internal IT resources. Upon approval/sign off from customer, the solution is deployed on the production environment.

During the Go Live/Support Phase, Axonom resources will ensure success by participating onsite in the customer go live process. Any unforeseen end user questions or technical issues will be handled by our staff in conjunction with trained customer resources. After go live, project review sessions are held with the customer to review stated CRM goals and objectives and to verify that the ROI targets are met. 

Axonom will only employ the most qualified and dedicated project management and implementation consultants in the CPQ industry. Axonom is focused on achieving platform and applications certifications to keep our consulting staff on top of the latest technologies in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM arena.

Phased Project Implementation Approach
Our Professional Services organization utilizes a comprehensive phased project implementation approach built upon the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology.

  • Analysis and Design Phase
    • Project Kick-Off Meeting
    • Process Flows & Business Analysis Sessions
    • Requirements & Design Documentation
  • Implementation Phase
    • Configuration/Customization/Development per Design
    • Training Design
    • Integration into ERP System
    • Data Migration
  • Deployment Phase
    • User Acceptance Testing
    • End User Training
    • System Administration Training
    • Deployment of Solution to Staging Environment
  • Go Live/Support Phase
    • Deployment to Production Environment
    • Onsite Support for Go Live
    • Ongoing Support - Axonom Support

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