Sales and Marketing Teams Use Visual Configurators to Demonstrate Product Features

Learn how to use configurators to drive leads, create opportunities, close deals, and nurture customers.

Visual configurators deliver different types of value to sales and marketing teams. Sales reps lean on 2D and 3D product configurators to build, price, and quote the perfect product(s) for clients. Marketing teams find the solution as a digital engagement tool to bring prospects to the website to experiment with product combinations, learn about key product features, and become fully immersed to boost brand affinity.

One valuable feature that both sales and marketing teams leverage is the configurator’s ability to visually demonstrate product attributes. This is strategic in three ways.

  • Speed. A sales rep can present a variety of targeted products and layout designs within seconds. This enables the buyer to quickly compare product attributes and determine which features are preferable versus critical.
  • Convenience. A web-based, visual configurator is an alternative way for buyers to experience products on their own time or when they are not able to be on-site to experience physical products. This digital strategy keeps the sales process moving forward when travel is an issue, a stakeholder has a scheduling conflict, or a global pandemic shuts down face-to-face engagement.
  • Realism. Visuals are known for their power and effectiveness when used to engage, inform, and persuade an audience. Studies have shown that visual information transmits faster to our brains, stays with us longer, triggers emotions, and motivates us. In fact, humans can process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, the buyer is more likely to make a purchase when they can experience life-like attributes like a diamond’s sparkle, a chair’s swivel and recline, a conveyor system’s movement path, or an excavator’s bucket lift and rotation.

Visual Configurators Demonstrate Medical Equipment Versatility and Flexibility

3D Configuration of Surgical Lights and Booms
Visual configurators showcase rotation points and flexibility on surgical booms, lights, and monitors.

Hospitals are equipped with unique rooms that are outfitted with various types of equipment. Designing a smart room, whether it be an ICU, OR, recovery, or hybrid, is a challenging task. Medical equipment manufacturers turn to visual configurators to help them present integrated equipment configurations, communicate the value of each piece of equipment, and demonstrate how the equipment layout helps optimize clinical workflow and outcomes.

Visual configurators are more effective than traditional selling methods like sales literature, pictures and videos, because it:

  • Gives decision-makers a compelling way to experience specific room layouts and leaves them with a better understanding of the overall concept. It provides users with a connected, immersive, hands-on experience on how each piece of equipment will fit and operate in the footprint. If there is a product that needs to be replaced, a sales rep or decision-maker can quickly drag-and-drop a different product and place it into the appropriate location. When that happens, the bill of materials adjusts accordingly.
  • Demonstrates product attributes much more effectively. Because surgical booms and lights have multiple rotational points and can move in various directions, healthcare teams can get see and engage with the components and get a good understanding of the product’s mobility and flexibility from various perspectives.
  • Showcases the important elements (space, function, and purpose) that factor in a healthcare room design. Together, a visual configurator with virtual reality gives healthcare teams an immersive way to experience how specific products and room layouts can lead to better safety, workflow, productivity, and versatility.
  • Is a single solution for sales teams and marketing teams to drive leads, nurture leads, convert leads to an opportunity, close opportunities, build loyalty, and nurture happy customers.

"Powertrak gives us the flexibility to demonstrate correct product placement as well as the ability to demonstrate and spatial limitations based on the room design. The software is very flexible and is allowing us to show our product in a way we never were able to before. The accuracy, look and feel of the models that are used is amazing and very realistic which allows our customers to get a much better sense of what their end design would look like." - Medical Equipment Customer Review on G2

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