Sales Leaders to Follow on Twitter

sales leaders to follow on twitterTo read and absorb the overwhelming amount of sales content available daily, is an impossible task. How can you keep up?

The answer: Twitter. One of the great benefits of Twitter is it allows you to digest an incredible amount of helpful content in a small amount of time.

Instead of spending your time searching for valuable insights to help hone your sales approach, you can just fire up Twitter and voila: all the insights are right there.

We’ve compiled a list of 12 sales leaders who post and curate fantastic sales content on their Twitter feeds, as well as a brief overview of the types of content you’ll find on their feed.

Some focus on leadership, some provide motivation, and others help you keep your social selling practices up to date.

12 Sales Leaders You Should Follow on Twitter

Jill Konrath - Keynote Speaker & Sales Acceleration Strategist

  • Jill delivers a terrific amount of sales insights from her Twitter account.
  • She covers client management, sales strategy, social selling and new technologies that impacts sales reps.


Koka Sexton - Global Industry Principal, Social Selling at Hootsuite

  • Koka’s account blends a nice mix of social selling advice, promotional content and delicious pictures of the food from his many travels.
  • His Twitter account is a savvy reminder for sales reps to give their followers more than strictly business content.


Sam Richter - Award-winning Author, Motivational Sales Intelligence and Personal Branding Speaker

  • Sam is an award-winning author, motivational speaker and a tremendous follow for anyone in sales.
  • In addition to delivering sage sales advice, one of the great things Sam does on Twitter is he promotes books from the sales industry.
  • By following Sam, you will always be in he know of the best and latest sales books.


David Brock - Author and CEO at Partners In EXCELLENCE

  • David’s Twitter feed provides plenty of gems to sales professionals through regular blog posts.
  • David’s insights are especially beneficial for sales leaders, as he often writes about leadership techniques and strategies.


Deb Calvert - President at People First Productivity Solutions

  • Deb is a public speaker and author in addition to being a great Twitter follow.
  • She focuses sales development and building teamwork through accomplished advice and by curating great content.


Don Cooper - The Sales Heretic™, Sales Trainer, Coach and Speaker

  • By following Don you’ll receive dynamic sales advice through his series of blog posts that cover everything from body language do’s and don’ts to tips of finding new job prospects. As a bonus, he’ll throw in some Conan O’Brien bits occasionally.


Melonie Dodaro - CEO at Top Dog Social Media, Social Selling Trainer and Author

  • Melonie is a social selling savant. By following her you’ll receive content ranging from cross-generational social media marketing to advice on what mistakes to avoid when writing your sales blog.


Jill Rowley - Social Selling Strategist, Speaker and Startup Advisor

  • Jill is an advisor and speaker who delivers a great deal of social selling advice for her followers.
  • Jill offers a blend of her own advice and curating excellent tidbits from fellow influential industry experts.


Dennis Wagner - Business Improvement Expert

  • Dennis is a business coach and entrepreneur who specializes in small business.
  • His Twitter feed delivers a variety of content from motivational quotes, tech gadget news and tips on growing your small business.


Anthony Iannarino - President and Chief Sales Officer at Solutions Staffing, Sales Strategist and Author

  • Anthony, a best-selling author and sales champion, delivers a wealth of content and sales advice throughout the day to his followers.
  • He posts everything from blogs and quick insights to recommended podcasts.
  • Perhaps what’s most impressive about Anthony’s Twitter feed is he’s able to deliver content all day while rarely reposting content.


Mark Hunter - The Sales Hunter, Sales Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

  • Mark’s followers are treated to loads of leadership focused tweets and a roundup of curated blog posts from variety of topics and writers.
  • For those of you who don’t want all- sales-all-the-time, Mark sprinkles in non-sales content such as the occasional Shel Silverstein poem about parenting.


Mario Martinez Jr. - CEO at M3Jr Growth Strategies, Social Selling Expert and Speaker

  • Mario brings a fresh perspective to social selling, with unique insights such as optimizing your bathroom trips into time spent improving your social selling.
  • Mario regularly posts podcasts, videos, blogs and curates content from his fellow influencers.


Let's Make It A Baker's Dozen *Bonus Leader*

Michael Beach - Executive Business Coach, Award-winning Member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance

  • Michael works closely with business owners, executives, and their emerging leaders to develop their perfect business model, and deliver ambitious results!
  • Michael has more than 35 years of business leadership experience in sales management, sales, sales operations, channel programs, business systems, IT, strategy, and many other disciplines in the high technology industry.

Stay current by following these sales leaders for a breadth of inspirational, helpful content on social selling, sales strategies, leadership, motivation and more.

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