Salsbury Releases 2D Mailbox Configurator

Custom Design and Buy 4C Mailboxes on Website

Salsbury Industries announces its 4C Mailbox Configurator is now available on the website. The configurator is powered by Axonom's CPQ suite of solutions - Powertrak 2D Product Configurator.

The 4C Mailbox Configurator is a SHOW and SELL tool designed to visually showcase Salsbury's mailbox offering and also guide customers through the design-order process. 

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Salsbury's web-based, visual (line-art) mailbox configurator helps users determine the optimal number of mailboxes and parcel lockers needed based on specific requirements.  It displays elevations, rough opening dimensions, sample installation instructions, model numbers, and other useful information.

The Salsbury 4C Mailbox Configurator empowers users to:

  • Design a mailbox installation with an unlimited number of walls or elevations
  • Customize door configurations within units
  • Customize door identification to meet your requirements
  • Vertical alignment for wall installations puts the design in your control
  • Clone a completed project into a new one saving time for multiple submissions
  • Check your pending or completed projects on your "My Saved Projects" page
  • Receive dimensional Excel or PDF drawings or CAD files for use in designing, quoting or ordering mailboxes
  • Add to shopping cart to purchase

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Rules-driven Visual Configurations = Accurate Design and Orders

Rules-driven 2D Mailbox Configurator

With Powertrak powering the configuration, the user selects the type of mailbox or parcel door they're interested in and drags-and-drops it into an appropriate location (green shadow indicates appropriate placement) on the two-dimensional mailbox rendering. Alerts appear when combination errors or product incompatibilities are made.

From there, additional options are made available such as the type of finish, engravings, labels, and numbering sequence. When the configuration is complete, users are able to save the configuration, quote it, or complete the order at checkout.

"This project has grown a lot from the initial spec and has gone through a couple of revisions. There are so many details and features we've added along the way. Whatever our requests are, the Axonom team always seems to be able to deliver.  They really have very talented people on their team." M. Peterson - Salsbury Industries 

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