Powertrak Service Revenue Management

Billing time and expenses is a crucial function for many businesses as the world moves toward a global service-based economy. Field service specialists, professionals of all types, and customer support personnel all need to track and charge a very precious commodity - their time! With mobile workers, a web-based time and billing solution is needed to get time entered and into accounting quickly.

Powertrak Service Revenue Management offers multiple work rates, chargeable and non-chargeable codes and a simple project tracking front-end to handle all types of charges and service businesses.

For organizations using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, staff can update activity call notes and book appointments right inside the system. Easily add work rates, project attributes, expense categories and other critical dimensions within a simple administrative interface to keep system costs down.

Enter Billable Time and Expenses with Powertrak

Color-coded project health indicators give real-time analysis whether a project is on budget (green), close to going over budget (yellow), or is currently over budget (red). Managers and staff can quickly verify that all hours are accounted for to maximize utilization and realization. 

Keep Your Services Team Billable and Maximize ROI

In this demonstration, we will show how billing managers utilize the billing features and functions of Powertrak Service Revenue Management.

  • See how billing managers use Powertrak Reports, Dashboards, and Charts to monitor a project's budget status and review their staff's performance.
  • Learn how to build templates and enter budget caps for both project time and related expenses. Then pull real-time reports for milestones and budget status.
  • Billing managers now have the tools to make real-time business decisions by viewing performance metrics (by project and/or staff member) with utilization and realization reports, project comparison charts, and project review dashboard.

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  • Unlimited Projects and Tailored Details - Quickly set up projects and review time and revenue status as-you-go inside your browser. Set the system up for field service or a wide variety of other professions.
  • Flexible Work Rates, Expense Rates and Categories - An easy-to-use administration module supports unlimited work rates, billable/non-billable categories and expense tagging.
  • Fast, In-line Time and Expense Entry - Fast time and expense entry in one browser screen that shows your prior entries for instant validation, completeness and accuracy.
  • Browser-based for both Inside and Outside Personnel - Access the entire system from anywhere internet access is available.
  • Full Management Reporting and Real-Time Analysis - Reports and real-time analytics track how much time is really charged and how much is actually billed.
  • Easily Modifiable and Extendible - All Powertrak modules are built with the optional Powertrak Application Builder, so that you can modify virtually everything in the system.
  • Optional integration to Accounting - Fully access the Microsoft GP and Collection data to keep the entire account management picture in focus while you run your projects.

Product Details

  • In-line Time and Expense Entry
    • Add unlimited time and expense entries in one easy-to-use form to minimize screen flashing.
    • The system shows you period-to-date totals and entry details to make sure that all time is accounted for and avoid duplicate entries.
    • With Powertrak time and billing administration, you can set up unlimited rates, types and categories to minimize billing disputes and make time entry simple.
    • Powertrak helps you maximize your revenue and keep your staff happy!
  • Built-in Timesheet verification
    • Powertrak shows everything that you need to know about a project in one place. Cumulative totals help account for all hours.
    • Multiple status codes show non-chargeable time in the same system to keep data entry simple.
    • Managers can look at all staff activity across all projects to keep revenue on forecast.
  • Web-based for Anywhere Access
    • Remote mobile professionals run the new global workforce for many businesses.
    • For both inside and outside staff, access is right inside their browser 24x7 from anywhere in the world.
    • Staff training is minimal and the familiar interface keeps administrative costs down.
    • The thin browser-based application gets your people billing fast and saves expense-reporting headaches.
    • Maximize your staff productivity and improve retention today.
  • Manage Utilization and Realization
    • Managing complex projects across multiple locations is a tough job.
    • With rapid data entry and thoughtfully categorized hours reports, managers can see who is on track to meet their budgets by projects and by person.
    • Time and Billing shows your chargeable and nonchargeable hours mix and allows easy comparison to standards.
    • Drill into actual billings to see how close you are to maximizing your revenues. The system also highlights personnel and individual project issues.
    • Because everything is web-available, you don't need to learn proprietary applications spend chargeable time in meetings to figure out where you are.
    • Powertrak gives you a simple, efficient way to bill time and manage your staff.
  • Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    • Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a safe path for scalability, integration, and business value based on Microsoft .Net and Web Services architecture.
    • Powertrak is built on the same foundation and shares the same data, while providing full extendibility outside the Microsoft Dynamics CRM schema and database.
  • Easy set up for Rates, Types and Projects
    • Powertrak provides a simple administration interface to set things up and make changes.
    • Table-driven values for all work codes, rates, statuses, project attributes and categories mean that you can spend more time billing and less time on system administration.
    • You can tailor the system to get familiar terms, work rates and industry-specific values to provide you with a modifiable, high-function solution.
  • Quick Access to GL and AR
    • Integrate to your back-office GL, AR and cash management systems right within Powertrak Time and Billing to save lookup time and keep projects on solid cash footing.
    • For Microsoft GP users, Powertrak gives you an integrated, complete view of all customer data to keep projects under control.
    • With optional workflow and integration modules, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can actively trigger project status alerts when unfavorable conditions arise and provide integration with a variety of back-office systems.
  • Optional Advance Functions
    • Optional Powertrak Portal provides a complete mobile information source for professionals and channel-driven service organizations.
    • Everything from service logs, order status, serial number detail and knowledge bases are there for professional staff any time and anywhere.
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