Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM

“Insight from the Stars”

”You don’t have to return to your office any longer to answer questions or deliver information to your customers. Meet your customers’ need when they need it.”
-Michael Bauer, Axonom

Axonom and a panel of thirteen other CRM software experts contributes real-world experiences from the field into a new white paper, “Why Go Mobile? Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM,” to prove the business value of mobile CRM. It showcases how Mobile CRM: increases sales values, shortens sales cycles, accelerates cash flow, collects information at the source, increases productivity, and improves insight.

Axonom’s contribution focuses on a customer using Powertrak mobile survey scripting solution to capture game-changing data on iPads and Surface tablets with celebrities for Fortune 500 companies. Field agents find that the interaction experience is more collaborative and less intrusive with tablets compared to laptops or paper forms. I encourage you to read more about our story “Insight from the Stars!” on page 13, then contact us to see how Powertrak and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you collect information and build relationships on mobile devices.

Other contributors provide examples from the healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, distribution, banking and not for profit industries. And the facts are supported by statistics from Nucleus Research, Aberdeen Group, and

Companies Use Mobile CRM To:

  • Increase average sale by 20%
  • Lower cost of sales by 15%
  • Reduce billing lag time by 30%
  • Achieve 90% key field completion in customer records
  • Increase average number of sales calls per week by 15%
  • Deliver 100% realtime data to managers.

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CRM Software Blog - Mobile CRM White PaperThe CRM Software Blog is an international group of Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts providing reviews, comparisons and opinions to professionals in the CRM software selection process. Axonom is an active member in this community. We offer advice, training tips and customer updates to help existing users of Microsoft Dynamics CRM get the most out of their customer relationship management software system.

In addition to this white paper, the CRM Software Blog also created an infographic “Six Strategic Advantages of Mobile CRM“ to support how Mobile CRM can increase sales value, shorten sales cycles, accelerate cash flow, help data collection, increase productivity and improve insight!