Powertrak CPQ for Specialty Vehicles

Visual Configurator To Customize Specialty Vehicles

Customize Golf Carts and Specialty Vehicles with PowertrakAxonom provides specialty vehicle manufacturers, distributors, and dealers with visual product configuration software to accurately build, quote, and order configurable vehicles and trailers.

Commercial and Personal Transportation Vehicles
Powertrak 3D Product Configurator enables prospective buyers to custom design any type of motorize vehicle for whatever the need. This includes ATVs, golf carts, sprinter vans, buses, and trucks for leisure, education, hauling, freight, healthcare, or other intended purposes.

Whether it be for fun, adventure or business, build the vehicle to meet your needs. Powertrak enables you to interactively customize it, displays a modeled rendering, calculates the cost - all in real-time - all before you quote or buy.

Build it right!
To meet each unique specification, Powertrak guides the buyer through the configuration process, providing visual product models and rules-driven accuracy to ensure that each assembled vehicle is 100% valid.

This means customers (both novice and experts) can rest easy when upgrading parts, adding accessories and selecting a favorite paint/trim color - they will meet the manufacturers requirements.

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Benefits and Features

Increase your sales efficiency and improve the buying experience with an on-demand, self-service quoting, ordering, and product configuration solution that is readily available for your customers to access via your website.

Your customers can design the vehicle, then save it, share it, quote it, and/or place an order at their convenience. It's visual, intuitive, and accurate - guiding the user through the entire sale at their pace.

Eliminate errors with automation tools that include vehicle design logic and business logic. Our rules engine ensures that each add-on option, placement, and pricing is 100 percent valid.

For the most complex of situations, Powertrak handles multiple price lists, tiered discounting, optional and bundled products, and cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Help your customers 'see and experience' the vehicles and its corresponding add-on parts and accessories using 2D visual renderings or near-realistic 3D product models. Watch our 3D configurator demos.

Improve online engagement by using interactive visualization tools compatible with mobile tablets and laptops. Visualization is an effective form of communication for both your sales and marketing teams.

There are significant advantages to adopting a product configurator with drag-and-drop technology. Most customers are not "experts" and may not know all of the acceptable locations a particular product may be placed. Interactive guidance instills confidence!

If there is more than one location a small refrigerator can fit in a van, our rules engine notifies the user all of the appropriate places it can be applied. Take a look at some of our 2D configurator customers and try out their solution.

Remove tribal knowledge from your complex pricing processes so that new employees don't make "rookie" mistakes. Manage pricing in one location and customize it by role - sales professional or external dealer.

Standardize pricing rules for discounts, geography, user roles, and more. Equip your sales team and dealers with product bundling, and cross-sell and upsell features. Our pricing approval workflows ensure your rep isn't continuously handing out 'great deals' to everyone.

Sales quoting automation ensures accuracy, efficiency, and consistency. Powertrak Quoting software delivers a positive first impression with its professional-looking design that includes your logos, images, files, and links.

Manually looking up products and pricing is time consuming and error-prone. Don't make it hard for your sales team or customers. Give them everything they need to close the deal.

Extend the configuration to VR. After the prospective customer configures a vehicle using Powertrak 3D Product Configurator, invite them to experience it in virtual reality.

A click of the button sends a design code to the customer where they can view the vehicle with their smartphone connected to a Google Cardboard, Daydream, or Oculus Rift.


Custom build Off Road Vehicles with 3D Configuration Software

Storefront Features

•Fully responsive, mobile ready

•Configure using 3D models

•Drag-and-drop or one-button push attachment

•Layered catalog browsing with extensive search

•Browse design ideas and personalization

•Highlight stock vs aftermarket products

•Easy payment options, one page checkout

•Displays real-time pricing

•Register customers, save designs and reorder




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Specialty Vehicle Configurator Software by Axonom

Interactive Configurations

•Easily integrates into your website

•Incorporate your brand around the configurator

•No software or apps to install

•Works well with Chrome and Firefox browsers

•More intuitive than just paint and tire selections

•Integration into CRM and ERP business systems

•Save and export configuration / designs

•Share with friends, family, and other stakeholders

•Experience designs in virtual reality