Stockholm Parkering leverages Microsoft CRM and Powertrak Portal

Softronic Deploys Powertrak Customer Portal at Stockholm Parkering

Stockholm Parkering Selects Powertrak Customer Portal

Stockholm City Parkering sought to relieve its street network from parked vehicles by financing the construction of new garage facilities and to maintain a high occupancy. The city selected Softronic, a leading Microsoft Dynamics consulting firm offering CRM and ERP consulting services, to replace its proprietary business system with one that enhances business operations and provides extensive service support through the use of mobile devices. Download the Stockholm Parkering Powertrak Customer Portal case study.

Stockholm City Parkering faced the following business challenges:

  • Replace an outdated proprietary system that was very high risk and expensive
  • Meet customer demand with quick responses to problems/cases in a multi-channel environment that includes voice, web, e-mail, and mobile
  • Manage daily operations with a modern-state-of-the-art business system
  • Foresee future integration to parking equipment (e.g. IoT) and facilities

The Business Pain

Case Intake for City of Stockholm, SwedenAfter more than fifteen years of evolution, Stockholm City Parkering's homegrown business system was highly specialized and rich in functions. However, it had some inherent problems. The system was based on an outdated technology platform and did not provide adequate support for standard business processes, which created significant risk, inefficient use of resources, as well as constantly increasing costs.

Stockholm City Parkering required a robust, easily modifiable support system to enhance business operations for its rental and monitoring processes of more than 78,000 parking spaces and administration of 230 facilities. The new mobile-friendly system had to streamline service orders and customer service support processes to a large group of field service technicians and outsourced on-call service staff.

The company turned to a proven, future-proof system from Microsoft Dynamics and Powertrak. Together, these two platforms have millions of users worldwide and are supported by a strong network of certified partners.

Business Solution(s)

Softronic won the public tender to deliver the new business system for its extensive experience in delivering Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Powertrak, and Qlik software, in addition to e-business, and web and mobile solutions.

Through Softronic's partnership with Axonom, the company deployed Powertrak Customer Portal, a user-friendly, browser-enabled web-portal solution to support case management, reporting, and mobile management of service orders for the entire mobile service staff. The solution also includes ExFlow for workflow and authorization of supplier invoices.

A key component to the Portal is its scripted customer interaction functionality. This feature ensures efficient interaction with citizens and support agents through a simple question/answer presentation. As a result, customer service representatives are able to enter critical information with much more accuracy and respond quickly to service requests.


  • Powerful support for customer, partner, and supplier relationship management
  • Queue management, including communication with the customer, and logic for the administration of parking lots
  • Rental management of thousands of parking lots
  • Support for customer service and on-call service including troubleshooting guides and distribution of service order
  • Case intake/creation through Powertrak Portal – 4,000+ cases per month
  • Integration between CRM/NAV with more than 20 external suppliers
  • Management of parking tickets including reminders and demand payment management
  • Powerful Business Intelligence and reporting capabilities
  • Support for facilities reconstruction and start-up
  • Key and cage park management
  • Self-billing invoices to suppliers
  • Workflow for supplier invoices including authorization
  • The entire solution is integrated and can be instantly monitored by finance & accounting

"Softronic adopted a very demanding challenge of changing our well-established and in-house business system with a completely new. It was no easy task. But with Softronic's experience and expertise, and with great commitment from our entire organization, we managed to get to the finish.

We are now sitting with a standard system that gives us a range of business benefits and I look forward to taking the next step in our project, i.e. to concentrate efforts on taking the company into the future, with more automation and IoT (Internet of things)." - Christian Rockberger, CEO, Stockholm City Parkering 


A number of Stockholm City Parkering’s project objectives were achieved early on. In addition to modernizing the system support and improving compatibility, the company can expose systems and services suppliers to competition in future procurement of maintenance and systems-related services.

Stockholm City Parkering’s system now delivers a 360-degree view of its customers, including visibility into reported incidents, previous activities, rental agreements, parking facilities as well as ledgers.

Changes to business processes are executed in the business system, which in most cases is achieved with plain configuration.

Finally, the system empowers users to create dashboards and views to display outcomes and key performance indicators, quickly view data, and generate reports on profitability per park facility; thus enabling for better business decisions.