The Must-See CPQ Vendor List for Convergence 2015

Top Five CPQ Vendors Exhibiting At Microsoft Convergence 2015

Are you going to Microsoft Convergence 2015 in search of solutions to automate the quote-to-cash cycle, reduce lead-to-order time, and streamline the quoting and ordering process? If that is on your agenda, good news, you'll have plenty of reputable Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) applications to visit in the Expo Experience Hall.

This post covers the top CPQ solutions for Microsoft Dynamics and where to find them on the showroom floor at Convergence. We shed light on why CPQ solutions are extremely popular in today's marketplace and then provide a sneak peek into what Axonom has in store for the show.

Axonom Exhibits 3D Product Configurator at Microsoft Convergence 2015

CPQ Solutions to Discover at Convergence (booth number in parenthesis)
For those attendees in search of guided selling, quoting, ordering, and product configuration solutions, my advice is to visit the following vendors, ask to see a live demonstration, discuss your business pains, then compare all offerings. Here's a shortlist of the top CPQ vendors to visit at #CONV15:

  • Axonom (1316)
  • Cincom (1210)
  • Experlogix (815)
  • PROS, Inc. [Cameleon] (827)
  • To-Increase (534)

CPQ Market Snapshot
To say that the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) market is hot is an understatement. In the last year, CPQ products have been a desirable commodity and quite strategic for a number of large software providers. This market has experienced quite a bit of activity between acquisitions and funding, most notably pumping over 75 million dollars into two different CPQ products to augment its Salesforce1 platform.

Gartner research states that the size of the CPQ application suite market is growing rapidly, with worldwide revenue estimated at approximately $400 million in 2013, an increase of approximately 32% from 2012. And for the businesses that use CPQ, by 2015, the comprehensive, integrated automation of CPQ processes will help companies grow sales by 10%.

What does this mean? In a nutshell, businesses are now depending on tools to help its sales professionals, customers, and/or channel partners generate sales quotes and configure complex orders quickly and accurately.

Why will you see CPQ vendors at Convergence?
According to Microsoft, roughly 30% of all Convergence attendees (existing customers and prospective customers) are in the manufacturing industry. It’s imperative in today’s highly competitive global market that manufacturers implement procedures to simplify and streamline the selling, quoting or ordering experience of its products and services to its end-customers and channel partners.

Not all CPQ products are the same, but generally speaking, most cover the basic principle to improve the overall sales experience, scalability, and productivity by reducing errors, rework, and time during the quoting and ordering process.

Some will argue that creating quotes and orders in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, out-of-the-box, is complex and takes time. This is where CPQ applications augment your Microsoft Dynamics (CRM, GP, AX) investment.

Visit Axonom at Convergence
Axonom's 11 Foot Video Wall at ConvergenceAt #CONV15, Axonom will feature educational seminars and product demonstrations via an eleven-foot wide video wall; all on the latest features and developments of its interactive (drag-and-drop) and visual product configurator.

Visit Axonom in booth 1316, and learn why manufacturers that sell make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and configure-to-order products are now leveraging Powertrak to empower its customers and channel partners to visually build, design, quote, and order/buy its products.

Industries Demonstrated:

  • Apparel
  • Racks and Enclosures
  • Play Systems and Equipment
  • Fitness and Strength Equipment
  • Room and Space Design

"The top information technology research firms are emphasizing visualization as the strategic component to any Configure, Price, Quote implementation. Powertrak has taken that a step further by including real-time, interactive drag-and-drop and repositioning functionality, and snap-to-connect guides for precise attachment points and placement.” -Mike Belongie, Axonom.

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