Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM on iPads via Powertrak

Create Quotes, Configure Orders, and Enter Time and Expenses on Tablets

Sales and service professionals require access to update and send mission critical data anytime, anywhere. An iPad or Android tablet gives the mobile workforce a device to do their jobs better and faster. Add CRM and other business applications to the mix and they now have the tools to sell more, sell faster, increase revenues, market share, and profitability.

Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM runs on Internet Explorer (which is not supported on iPads), Powertrak’s browser agnostic flexibility bridges that gap and extends the reach of Microsoft Dynamics CRM from desktops to tablets. It gives users a means to clearly retrieve, modify, and deliver critical CRM information on any web-accessible tablet.

In fact, Powertrak delivers even more functionality to tablets. No longer do you have to return to your office to configure new product designs or work up quotes. Meet your customers’ need when they need it. Work alongside them to develop a design, configure an order, or present a quote in an expedient fashion. Then send the information to your customer right from your tablet.  And, you can track your billable hours and expenses right on the spot.

Powertrak’s award-winning Time and Billing, Quote and Product Configurator, and Rules-driven Scripting software gives you the ability to fully engage your customer. Exceed their needs by tracking loyalty, satisfaction, product improvement, and sales growth-right on the spot.

Business benefits for sales and service professionals on tablets…

  • Access Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Develop a Design
  • Configure an Order
  • Present a Quote
  • Run Surveys
  • Track Billable Time and Expenses