Powertrak VR Design Viewer For Google Cardboard

Powertrak VR Design Viewer for Smartphones

Experience Virtual Reality On Your Smartphone

Strap your iPhone or Android smartphone into a Google Cardboard VR headset to experience unique room and product layout designs in virtual reality.

The Cardboard is compatible with Android phones version 10 or higher, and iOS 11 or higher. If you do not own a Cardboard, the average cost is around $15 and is available for purchase here. *Note that Google no longer sells Cardboard devices but there are a number of companies that now do.

Step 1. Download Powertrak VR Design Viewer App

Powertrak VR Design View is available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Powertrak VR Design Viewer on Google Play     Powertrak VR Design Viewer on Apple App Store

Place smartphone in Google CardboardStep 2. Open the Powertrak VR App and Insert Phone into Cardboard

From your smartphone, open the Powertrak VR app.

Insert the phone (horizontally with the screen facing up) into the Cardboard by lining up the middle divider line in the center of the phone to the middle of the Cardboard.

Close the cover and secure it with the velcro strap.




Step 3. Enter Design Code on Keypad

VR Cardboard Login To Powertrak Design
Aim the red dot at the desired number and push to select.

Look into the Cardboard to locate the keypad (it will appear similar to the image on the left).

Aim the red dot to the appropriate number and then push the button on the top-right of the Cardboard to enter that number.

Enter 00001 to experience an office room layout or 00002 for a multi-room medical facility. Now you're ready to explore the layout.

*Note - If your smartphone fails to display the design, the phone may be outdated. Android 10 and iOS 11 are the minimum compatible operating systems to open the app.




Step 3. Navigate The Scene

Navigate the Surgical Suite in Virtual RealityTo navigate around the room, look into the viewer and aim the blue ring to an open space in the room.

Hold down the Google Cardboard button (located on the top-right of the device) until the circle turns blue. Then release the button. You will instantly teleport to that location.

Move around the room to get different perspectives of the layout design. Share with colleagues and have fun!





Step 4. Visualize and Validate

Experience Powertrak VR on Cardboard DevicesPowertrak VR Design Viewer is an affordable and effective way for manufacturers to distribute immersive VR of customized product designs and floor space planning layouts to its customers. 

This mobile viewing experience helps customers make better and faster-buying decisions by visualizing 3D product models and exploring custom-designed environments. 

This is a read-only experience for scene viewing and exploration. For those looking for virtual reality with product interaction, learn more about Powertrak VR.

Contact Axonom for more information on features, cost, implementation, integration, etc.

**If you're viewing this page from a non-mobile device, send an email to your phone and click on the link to open this page.

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