What You Stand to Gain by Integrating a Customer Portal

A Customer Portal Helps Your Sales Team Succeed

According to the Institute for Economic Competitiveness, business fixed investment, including investment in durable equipment, is forecasted to grow by almost 80 billion dollars this year. Is your business ready to take advantage of this growth and increase its sales?

One way to help your business grow is by making it easy for customers to interact with your company and your products. Here’s how a customer portal software helps customers to configure products, view pricing, log cases, and engage throughout the customer-vendor relationship.

customer portal software streamlines case intake

A Customer Portal:

Speeds quotes so you can go after new business without adding additional resources.

Being able to quickly, effectively deliver accurate quotes helps improve customer service. It also frees up time for your staff to invest in fostering relationships, asking for referrals and approaching a greater number of potential customers.

“We’re executing sales and service quotes in under three minutes. Using Powertrak CPQ, our team is poised to go after new business opportunities." - Savannah Criddle, Arkos Energy Services

Is visualization taking customer-added value to a new level?

There’s a reason for the saying, “Seeing is believing.” People are better able to learn and comprehend with the help of visual aids. When customers access a customer portal and use CPQ software to create the product they need, they have a better understanding of your company’s products and services. They have better clarity to ask any follow-up questions. Your sales team is better able to explain offerings thoroughly, improving the customer experience.

In an article about social media and customer portals, Jayson DeMers, Forbes author and CEO of AudienceBloom writes, “Smart business owners and marketers focus on relationship building, either through regular content marketing or by having conversations with customers who are already familiar with the brand.” A customer portal with CPQ facilitates team members’ valuable conversations with clients, boosting customer service and increasing the likelihood of repeat sales.

Transforms your digital catalog into a highly interactive selling tool.

Chances are that your company has invested considerable time, effort and money into its digital catalog. You can optimize that investment with a customer portal and CPQ. When a customer can select an item from your catalog, manipulate it to their preference and obtain an accurate quote, that’s powerful a guided selling tool to help your company improve performance.

It allows customers to customize the product they want and get pricing, even without having extensive product knowledge.

3D Configurator for Room Designs

Your customers shouldn’t need a degree in design or engineering to get pricing. A customer portal with Visual CPQ delivers 2D or 3D product configurations. When customers can add and delete different features, see the difference in the product rendering and the related price changes, that’s extremely helpful to their decision making process. Customers feel more secure in the product knowing that its features meet their needs, and your business is more likely to get the sale.

Eliminates time and hassle for customers who want to view the status of their order and track account information.

We’ve all been stuck on hold waiting to speak with someone in customer service. It’s frustrating! A customer portal gives secure access to customers so they can track orders, log cases, catch up on company news, and review account status – when it fits their schedule.

Expands visibility, allowing customers to access other systems and web-based applications.

A customer portal integrated with CPQ software means that your customers are empowered to act from within the customer portal. They can access systems, use web-based applications and experience a richer user experience via graphics, data and helpful scripted communications.

There are a number of ways that a customer portal with CPQ helps position your company to take advantage of projected growth. From improving customer service, which increases the likelihood of referrals and repeat sales, to speeding quotes so your team has time to go after new business, using a customer portal + CPQ = a formula for sales success.

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