ERP System Comparison: NetSuite vs SAP Business One

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions are incredible tools that allow companies to streamline and manage all aspects of their business operations, as well as help them continue to grow.

Comparing NetSuite ERP vs. SAP Business OneTwo popular solutions are NetSuite and SAP Business One. Both offer cloud-based solutions, which means companies don’t have to invest in expensive hardware and just need an internet connection to make full use of the tools.

In addition, their respective cloud solutions offer reliable mobile accessibility, CRM integration and real-time analytics, as well as many other great features.

If you’re looking to add a new or upgrade your existing ERP system, these two solutions are likely on your radar. Choosing the one that’s right for your company’s unique needs and business objectives should be your main priority.

Axonom proudly partners with NetSuite for our solutions. Below we share top strengths and some potential drawbacks of both systems to think about, based on our experience and research as well as some online reviews.

NetSuite vs. SAP Business One

SAP’s cloud-based offering is young compared to NetSuite, which may be a concern. NetSuite been in the market for more than 15 years, whereas SAP’s solution came out in 2012.

As NetSuite makes improvements to the software, upgrades are deployed by the software provider to ensure users are always working with the latest version.

While SAP has an incredible amount of capabilities, the overall system gets complex as you drill-down through the layers, which may be more than most users will want or need. As a result, the system could prove to be daunting or confusing for some.

Cost of Licenses
While companies have the opportunity to choose and pay for only what they need, some of the higher-level offerings are spendy and some require separate licenses in order to use them — adding time and cost to deployment.

NetSuite is a subscription-based service with all of its native features being covered under one license.

While SAP only integrates with its SAP-certified solutions, NetSuite has the ability to integrate with hundreds of other software add ons such as Axonom’s Powertrak CPQ and Portal so businesses can customize their system.

Read some of NetSuite’s product reviews on the following websites:

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