Powertrak VR Product Configurator

Augment Visual Product Configurations With Virtual Reality

The Premier 3D Design With VR Validation Experience

Explore virtual environments and interact with configured products.


Revolutionize How You Sell And Market Configurable Products And Environments

Virtual Reality Operating Room Configuration with Powertrak 3D CPQ
Visualize, move, and watch animations in Powertrak VR.

Visually, physically and emotionally amaze your prospective customers with an awe-inspiring three-dimensional virtual experience.

Empower users and stakeholders to interact with configured products and explore environments with HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets.

Differentiate how you present your product(s) from competitors. Leave an impression.

Communicate and showcase the competitive differences of your products with a cost-effective traveling showroom.


Companies Using Virtual Reality at Trade ShowsCase Study: Seven customers used virtual reality at trade shows to showcase products and room designs. VR gives attendees an immersive, first-person point of view of products in the environment. They can visualize and explore how products fit in the footprint and determine if spacing affects workflow.


Experience VR On Smartphones With Powertrak VR Design Viewer

Mobile Smartphone Virtual Reality Experience - Powertrak CPQExperience 3D product configurations in virtual reality on your iPhone or Android smartphone with Google Cardboard.

Powertrak VR Design Viewer enables businesses to share configured products and room designs in virtual reality to prospective customers via smartphone VR headsets.

In turn, the immersive virtual reality experience enables customers to make better and faster-buying decisions by visualizing near realistic, 3D product models and exploring custom-designed environments.


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Virtual Reality With Product Interaction

Virtual Reality with Oculus and HTC Vive for Businesses

While the VR Design Viewer offers a viewing only experience, Powertrak VRoom delivers the most complete, interactive virtual reality experience in fixed locations.

VRoom leverages the HTC Vive to move products in a scene, change viewing options, and explore the environment.

Despite it being tethered to a machine, VRoom is very effective on the trade show floor or in an experience center.

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Virtual Reality Benefits

Interactive Storytelling

Inspire. Educate. Build Trust.

Virtual Showroom

Convey attributes and benefits by enabling users to visualize, explore, and operate.

Seeing is believing and experiencing builds trust! VR helps you communicate, educate, and inspire in ways that illustrations and pictures alone can never achieve. Explore customized environments in detail through high-end, near-photorealistic 3D renderings.

Personalized Experience

Augmented Sales Tool

Competitive Advantage

Strengthen the relationship between users, stakeholders and the brand.

Quickly and efficiently showcase a variety of large-scale products without the added cost, complications, and physical limitations of samples.

Develop an emotional, connected sales experience by demonstrating value using the latest technology.


3D CPQ and Virtual Reality ROIVR ROI: Skytron partner, Precision Surgical used visual configurations with virtual reality to present OR suite designs to a hospital. The company used Powertrak 3D Product Configurator to build three operating room suite options.

Precision Surgical presented each design in virtual reality on a smartphone and passed it around to all the decision-makers in the meeting.

These two solutions were effective in communicating design concepts and helping end-users visualize the recommended products. As a result, Precision Surgical was selected the chosen vendor by the facility yielding a potential half-million dollar sale.


Virtual Reality Room Scaler

Flexible Room Scaling Feature in Virtual Reality Configurations

Change viewing options (1.5x, normal, 0.5x, and table mode) for a superior exploring experience.

VR Design Viewer

Virtual Reality Design Viewer Demo - Powertrak

Experience virtual reality on your smartphone with Powertrak VR Design Viewer.

Strap your smartphone into a Google Cardboard to experience a surgical suite layout design in virtual reality.

Powertrak Dynamic Wiring

Dynamic Wiring Automation for Cabling Type, Length, Price

Take the guesswork out of quoting and ordering products with complex wiring systems. Powertrak visually displays and calculates cabling type, length, and price!

Find out more about dynamic wiring in visual product configurations.

Customer Success

B2B Virtual Reality at Trade Shows

Four customers use virtual reality to showcase products, demonstrate benefits, and leave a memorable impression with trade show attendees.


Visual Rack Configurator in 2D

Discover how Middle Atlantic's visual configurator grew to more than 43,000 components and 10,000 registered users in year one.


Skytron selects Axonom 3D CPQ and Virtual Reality

Powertrak powers the quoting, ordering, and designing of healthcare environments with Skytron products. Then augments that experience with immersive virtual reality.

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