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"Powertrak 3D Product Configurator gives us the flexibility to demonstrate correct product placement as well as the ability to demonstrate and spatial limitations based on the room design. It's very flexible and allows us to show our product in a way we never were able to before. The accuracy, look and feel of the models that are used is amazing and very realistic which allows our customers to get a much better sense of what their end design would look like.

Powertrak VRoom significantly changes how we communicate, educate, and present our customizable solutions to prospective buyers at trade shows. It gives designers and decision-makers an immersive, first-hand experience on how our equipment fits and operates in various healthcare environments. The combination of working with our sales team, visualizing the layout, and experiencing our products in real-time will speed the design-to-quote process, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, revenue, and margin."

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Precision Surgical - A Skytron Distributor
"The high-level detail of the products and spatial relationship to animated end-users, presented in the program, made it easy for our client to visualize our design concept. The VR component has been a welcomed added bonus!

During design concept meetings, we use the program to help end-users visualize the products we have recommended they use. In one meeting, we were the chosen vendor to work with the facility yielding a potential $1/2 million sale by the end of this month.

This is a great tool to communicate concepts and designs. We once relied on CAD renditions, which took numerous meetings to obtain our objectives. Although we've used Powertrak for a relatively short period of time, our success rate and our efficiency to close the deal, has gone through the roof."

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Zebra Athletics
"We're providing customers with visual tools to select, price, and place types of flooring, mats, and equipment in uniquely designed rooms. Explore our most famous designs at events, then configure your own unique design and virtually experience it from a mobile device for validation. Powertrak 3D CPQ and VR strips the guesswork out of opening or redesigning a training facility."

"I was at IHRSA and brought two of my colleagues over to the Life Fitness booth to show them the VR in action. They were extremely impressed and we couldn't get them to take off the headset! Zebra Athletics has engaged with Axonom and we’re super excited to roll out virtual reality later this year!"

KYLE FISHER, President

Life Fitness
"The VR exhibit generated a lot of buzz in our booth. The attendees enjoyed how we used this technology to present Hammer Strength products in a fun, but realistic fashion. It gave them a first-person point of view on how the Hammer Strength HD Athletic system of rigs, racks, and accessory storage solutions are configured and arranged in a training facility."

ANTHONY MORELLI, Sr. Marketing Manager

Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Inc.
"Our process for developing machine quotes was an extremely cumbersome and manual process, using excel spreadsheets, various forms, and templates. Powertrak CPQ has automated that process so now our sales reps can develop their own quotes while out in the field which is something that used to take an inside person 1-to-3 days to complete."

Diane Luter, IT Director

LF Illumination
"We were able to develop a software with Powertrack that allows you to drag and drop components into a room, build a bill of materials, and show the customer where power is and isn't in the system by creating a custom installation diagram in the process. The end result was an industry-leading tool, that when used correctly allowed you to see 3D renders, a full Bill of Material, an instruction sheet on how to power the system, and rules that would cause error messages if the layout wouldn't work. Powertrak CPQ has solved a lot of issues with procuring this product line."

Tyler Mullane, Sales Manager

"We use Powertrak CPQ and Portal to price McDonald's Happy Meal Toys across multiple open pricing books. We're able to streamline the pricing across two vendors and increase the collaboration across three global geographies.

What I like about Axonom is their attention to detail, and the ability to flex and meet demanding business needs. They have excellent support and solution leadership team. The solutions team is amazing with multiple ideas to fix an issue. The company provides a single point of contact who helps with every aspect of solution architecture, development, deployment, and critical support."


Gerber Technology
"Virtual Reality is a first-class demonstration tool. It’s an effective way to show each stage of the apparel design process - from a concept in software to fabric to completed garment. In fact, virtual reality with 3D animation helps us build trust with the customer. With Powertrak VRoom, we can share detailed information and answer questions in real-time while they experience fabric being digitally printed, cut, and sewn into a complete product."

BILL GRINDLE, Chief Marketing Officer

BFW, Inc.
"The opportunity to configure an operating room and see exactly how the equipment can be arranged will help the OR team best determine their needs. AORN attendees will be provided an Oculus Rift headset to view our medical products in virtual reality, along with hand controllers to move equipment and navigate the operating room."


Salsbury Industries - Mailboxes.com
"Powertrak 2D Visual Product Configurator gives us a user-friendly and visually-driven design, quote, and checkout solution available on our website for anyone interested in custom designing particular mailboxes.

We want our users to be able to produce shop drawings on their own. We used to have to create the shop drawings ourselves and then send them out to our customers. The process usually takes a day or two, but now our users can get the drawings in a few minutes.

Since the launch of our visual 4C mailbox configurator, we have seen significant increases in orders, and improvements in usability, engagement and most importantly customer satisfaction."


Bull Outdoor Products
"The Kitchen Designer, powered by Powertrak 3D Product Configurator, will strengthen customer loyalty, enhance existing dealer relationships, and expand our brand into new markets. The combination of delivering first-class products using the finest materials and offering an intuitive configuration, quoting, and ordering solution so simple, compelling, and error-proof, our dealer's adoption rate will be high and customers will enjoy their ordering experience."

FRANK MELLO, VP Sales and Marketing

Arkos Field Services
"Axonom clearly established itself as a go-to CPQ partner with a flexible and robust quoting solution to solve our business needs.

Right from the start, Axonom understood our industry, coached our team on best practices, and had a highly customizable CPQ solution. In addition, they proved to be lower in cost and offered maintenance-free hardware and software management by hosting Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powertrak at NetPRM, its cloud-based hosting environment.

With Powertrak CPQ, we’re executing sales and service quotes more efficiently and accurately, and in a position to go after new business faster without adding additional resources."

SAVANNAH CRIDDLE, Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics
"We had spent nearly four months evaluating different CPQ vendors but found that Axonom clearly demonstrated the ease in which Powertrak is configurable and tightly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in addition to very attractive pricing and delivery model."



"After careful consideration, we selected Powertrak CPQ and Portal based on the solution strength, team expertise, and project approach and cost."

MICHAEL PALUMBO, Director Sourcing and Vendor Management, IT Global Applications Support and Development

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
"Powertrak CPQ not only gives us the control to create kits and execute sales quotes more efficiently and accurately, but its robustness allows us to apply multiple quotes, that may include multiple product kits, to any given opportunity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and forecast one or more quotes for pipeline management.

This is a powerful benefit as we become less dependent on IT's input and approval for kit configurations, move toward product management and sales independence, and increase the accuracy of our reporting and forecasting."

KAREN SASAKI, Manager of Information Technology

Middle Atlantic Products
"When we decided to replace our quoting and design apps, we placed a major emphasis on how to improve the user experience. Our next CPQ solution had to incorporate enhanced visualization, interactivity, mobility, and a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Our evaluation team interviewed a number of configurator vendors but found that Axonom had a platform that would transform our digital catalog into a highly interactive selling tool.

With Powertrak, our partners and customers now have a complete solution to rapidly and accurately configure, quote and order make-to-order racks without the need for extensive product knowledge."

DAN TARKOFF, Vice President of Sales


"We've seen rapid growth in the number of Configurator users and received extremely positive feedback in the short time it's been online. Our dedicated Configurator team has been hard at work improving the users' digital experience.

From beginners to experts, we want our customers to be able to build intuitive, personalized systems that match the exact design and installation needs of today's demanding A/V environments. With built-in intelligence for even greater ease of use, phase two reflects our core philosophy and the positive customer experience we strive for."

DAN TARKOFF, Vice President of Sales


"Projects purchased after being designed in our visual CPQ solution consistently have a much higher average order value and better product category mix vs. typical e-commerce/shopping cart orders."

RYAN TILLEY, Project Delivery and Digital Experience Manager

Karcher Group - Middle Atlantic Products' Customer and Integrator

"As an integrator and a Middle Atlantic customer, working with the Configurator simply made my job easier. Many of the rooms had the same systems, so I was able to quickly order the same rack configuration for all those classrooms. Instead of ordering a list of parts, my entire product list is bundled into one part number – streamlining the ordering process.

Having the equipment racks shipped preassembled also saved our team a ton of man-hours, but by far, my favorite feature on Configurator is the ability to easily see the equipment and layout visualized exactly where I wanted each component. The tool is indispensable for large AV projects; it’s become a key step in our integration process."

Hong Cheng, Vice President of Technical Operations

"The Axonom Product Configurator allows our partners to configure complex products based on rules so we are guaranteed that they get products quoted that can be built. This saves our partners and ourselves much time and brings efficiency to the quoting process. We do not have to spend time working with the partner to re-do quotes based on components that are not compatible. The rules engine eliminates all the issues of incompatibility.

The best part of working with Axonom is their customer support. They have been incredible in meeting our needs for technical support, and have been able to work with us at the spare of the moment in solving problems. They have even made themselves available during week-end migrations and upgrades. I cannot say enough about Axonom's service model."

MARK DEBOWER, Program Director - Global Business Support

Dell Compellent
"The combination of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Powertrak is helping Dell Compellent provide the tools and information its reseller partners need for increased business success.

My team began to work with Axonom in 2003 on an integrated Dynamics CRM/GP/Powertrak solution that has fueled tremendous growth over the last 8 years. Axonom has been strategic in their interaction with us, helping us to leverage their platform to gain unprecedented business value from the solution."

MICHAEL BEACH, Executive Director, Sales Operations

Johnstech International
"We have gone from having a fully internal quoting process to being able to engage our channel partners to do quotes. This a big advantage for us as we have customers around the world that can get quotes in minutes vs. days."

DAVE RUELLE, Director of Sales and Service

"Axonom was the only company with both the SaaS products and a SaaS model that could accommodate our channel model."

We have a large distribution channel but that channel only needs infrequent interaction through the Powertrak Portal. Axonom understands our business and has designed their solutions specifically for customers, like Sonitec-Vortisand, with configure-to-order and channel sales processes."


Nexsan Technologies
"We selected Axonom and its Powertrak High Tech suite of modules because of their industry-specific expertise and out-of-the-box functionality. Axonom’s modules deliver the partner relationship management capabilities we required to optimize lead registration and routing, partner-driven quoting, and partner opportunity management and forecasting.

As an added advantage, Axonom also provided direct and partner-driven customer self-service features and internal contact center and case management capabilities for our customer service organization. We were happy to find all of these capabilities from a single vendor with the domain expertise that meets our current and future requirements."

MIKE MCGUIRE, Chief Commercial Officer


“We’re in the business of selling a solution, not just a product. Rack designs have a number of complex components, wiring and cabling, and configuration possibilities; traditional selling methods are no longer effective. Virtual Reality improves how we communicate, educate, and demonstrate the entire digital, connected infrastructure experience.”


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