Automate Wiring Length and Connections in Product Configurations

Axonom Adds Dynamic Wiring and Cabling to Visual Product Configurations

Powertrak Dynamic Wiring automates connections during product configurations

Spend less time on analysis and more on ordering

Powertrak CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) takes the guesswork out of configuring, quoting, and ordering products with complex wiring systems. Users will no longer have to spend time looking up or guessing what cables to buy, how many or at what length. Powertrak calculates and visually displays that for you! Note: Powertrak calculates for wiring slack but also gives users the ability to increase/decrease wiring slack.

Ensuring an efficient, high-quality ordering experience

Powertrak Automates Wiring ConfigurationsIn this 2D rack configuration, users drag and drop components into the rack's frame.

Powertrak then generates a visual rendering of the required cables (wiring harness, junction, wire, or other electrical components) and connects them to the appropriate ports and plugs.

When new components are added, repositioned or removed, the wiring layout and length changes in real-time. In turn, all components and wiring types are instantly added to the shopping cart.

Adjust the view to better understand and orient the diagrams of the configuration and highlight any wire or harness in a specific color to make it easier to follow the wiring from source to termination.

Hybrid - 2D Products in 3D Space

With Powertrak, users can freely place two-dimensional configured racks into a three-dimensional server room. This feature is a hybrid of Powertrak 2D and 3D Product Configurator. 

If you're building 2D or 3D racks and placing it into a 3D room, the wiring length auto-adjusts and dynamically recalculates from rack-to-rack as it moves around the room; enabling users to quickly determine how wiring configurations change with various layout designs.



Dynamic Wiring Demonstration

Place Designed Racks into virtual 3D RoomPowertrak Visual Product Configurators empower users to visually design make-to-order products.

Dynamic Wiring and Cabling automation enhances the user experience by simplifying complex configurations and eliminating time-consuming look-ups.

It's available in both Powertrak 2D Product Configurator and 3D Product Configurator.

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For those interested, here is a short demonstration on how Powertrak Dynamic Wiring automates wiring types and length, and visually displays layout connections - all in real-time.