Powertrak 3D Product Configurator

Powertrak 3D Product Configurator Software
Customize Products and Design Spaces with Powertrak 3D

In today's digital world, your customers expect a seamless purchasing process--one that gives them the confidence to order what they want and how they want it.

Manufacturers and distributors are providing customers with a visual product configurator to interactively customize products, design spaces, and quote and order with confidence.

Powertrak 3D Product Configurator is a visual configure, price, quote (CPQ) solution that boosts business efficiency, productivity, and quote accuracy while helping the sales team close deals quickly.

3D Configurator Software Adds Business Value

The Value For Your Sales Team

Your sales reps’ busy schedules require them to manage customer accounts, cultivate prospective customer relationships, field product and model questions and deliver timely and accurate quotes.

With the Powertrak 3D Configurator and CPQ suite, sales reps will be empowered to sell better and faster. Some of the key benefits they will enjoy include:

Virtual showroom: Visually showcase the competitive differences of your products to your customers using interactive 3D product models. By doing so in a realistic and engaging manner, your reps are enabling customers to order with confidence.

Improve business operations: Streamline the sales process and accelerate the conversion of sales opportunities into revenue with automation tools that simplify complex configurations, speed quoting time, and ensure ordering accuracy.

Close sales faster: Product configuration software additionally helps by mitigating common obstacles such as product combination errors, miscalculated costs, and quoting delays, your sales reps will be able to streamline the ordering process and dramatically shorten the sales cycle.

More cross-sell and upsell opportunities: All of your products and accessories will be stored in one menu, which creates increased opportunities for your sales reps to sell additional products based on what the customer is ordering.

The Value For Your Customers

Visualizing three-dimensional products provides your customers with all the advantages that our 2D Product Configurator does, but to an even greater extent with the ability to display your product models in stunning 3D.

Some of the benefits your customers will experience with our 3D Product Configurator are:

Customized configurations: Your customers will be able to customize their order, receiving a real-time rendering and quote. With this product configuration software, there are no more quoting delays or seeing the product the first time when it arrives at their door.

Instill confidence: Encourage customers and partners with little-to-no knowledge of your product(s) to become less apprehensive and more engaged in designing and ordering.

Real-time interaction: As your customer configures their order with our responsive drag-and-drop functionality, the shopping cart and product model instantly updates as new items are added or removed.

The Value For Your Bottom Line

Empowered sales reps and impressed customers are the foundation for ROI. With the 3D Powertrak Product Configurator, you will see:

A lift in sales: With the time saved reprocessing quotes, your sales reps will have more time to do what they do best: sell.

Happy customers stick around: Increase customer retention by delivering a quick and user-friendly customer experience with a powerful quoting tool.

Empowered sales reps: Your sales team will enter calls more confident and be able to focus their attention on the customer rather than the time-consuming quoting process.

Cloud-based 3D Product Configurator from Powertrak Software with Drag-and-Drop

Powertrak 3D Configurator enables prospective customers and channel partners to visually and interactively build customizable orders.

With our user-friendly drag-and-drop feature, your customers will be able to configure their orders with precision, confidence and freedom.


Create Room Designs and Floor Plans

Floor Space Planning Tool with CPQ Software
Design Multiple Rooms/Spaces and Place Products in Them

Provide your sales agents, partners, and customers with a 3D floor space planning tool that includes interactive drag-and-drop technology to create simple-to-complex room layout designs.

Instill consumer confidence throughout the buying process with real-time pricing, measuring tools, save/print/share functions, and even extend the validation experience to virtual reality.

Our web-based space planning solution enables users to build rooms with unique dimensions, interactively place products in precise locations, and visualize how those products fit in the space.

A Visual Configuration Experience For Everyone!

Powertrak 3D Product Configurator Experience for Sales

A Better Sales Experience - Speed, Efficiency and Precision

Work closely with customers to educate, present, customize, and interact with your "virtual" products using near-realistic 3D models.

Improve engagement and relationships by visually displaying the floor plan and room design, configuring products quickly, price and quote accurately, and order efficiently.

Powertrak 3D Product Configurator Experience for Marketing

Showcase Products 24X7

Drive people to your website by making your products available and accessible for everyone to see on their own time.

Analytic reports enable you to gain insight about your customer's behavior as they interact with your products, add options and accessories.

Powertrak 3D Product Configurator Experience for Partners

Reward Dealers with State-of-the-Art Tools

Efficiently support, educate, and deliver solutions to your growing partner channel and dealer network with tools to help them become self-sufficient.

Make it easy for dealers to configure, price, quote, and order your make-to-order products in one central location.

Powertrak 3D Product Configurator Experience for Customers

Visualize and Configure Before Engagement

Make better, more informed buying decisions. From the comfort of your home or one-on-one with a sales rep, Powertrak enables you to visualize, customize, and order the product to your liking.

Easy-to-use configurations with near-realistic product models improve the ordering experience, increases buy-in/validation, and strengthens loyalty.


3D Product Configuration Demo

3D Configurator Off-road Vehicles

Product configurations made easy with Powertrak Visual CPQ.

Deliver a configuration experience that includes interactive drag-and-drop or one-click attachment, visual models, real-time pricing, and quote and order features.

Powertrak is designed for both simple and complex configurations - whether it be room designs, one product or multiple products in a scene.

Discover the range of industries using Powertrak to configure data center racks, strength equipment, building structures, heavy equipment machinery, medical equipment, healthcare environments, apparel, and more.

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Powertrak 3D Configurator Information

Visually communicate and showcase the competitive differences of your products in a realistic and engaging manner.

Encourage customers and partners with little-to-no knowledge of your product(s) to become less apprehensive and more engaged in designing and ordering.

Streamline the sales process and accelerate the conversion of sales opportunities into revenue with automation tools that simplify complex configurations, speed quoting time, and ensure ordering accuracy.

Improve sales efficiency by shortening the sales cycle and eliminating common obstacles such as product combination errors, miscalculated costs, and quoting delays.

  • Fully interactive drag-and-drop interface for placing products in a space
  • Generate a room of any (rectangular) dimensions
  • Browse available components through a collapsible category structure - configurable by admins
  • Track BOM as items are added
  • Select items in order to see information about them in the sidebar
  • Camera controls provide views from any angle
  • Camera presets jump between free mode, overhead view, etc.
  • Snap-to-grid with a definable grid size
  • Rotate or nudge items in the room to get them placed in an exact location
  • Collision detection automatically prevents two items going into the same space
  • Auto-alignment easily aligns two adjacent items
  • Fullscreen mode displays the room without any other UI blocking the view
  • Integration into Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, Macola, NetSuite or stand-alone
  • Available in-browser (via plugin) or through an app on tablet

Am I a good fit for Powertrak 3D Product Configurator?
Ideal 3D Configurator candidates are (but not limited to): 1.) Manufacturers that deal in make-to-order products composed of existing parts. 2.) Want to provide a simple, intuitive ordering experience for customers and partners. 3.) Want to reduce training and knowledge burden on users. 4.) Organizations that have the capability to produce or acquire art and product data to drive the configuration experience.

Who is not a good fit?
Less than Ideal 3D Configurator candidates are: 1.) Organizations with engineer-to-order process flows, inventing new parts during the sales process. 2.) Organizations that deem DriveWorks or other collaborative CAD solutions appropriate for its audience. 3.) Organizations that do not have artwork or no means to obtain source materials to be used to create art.

What are the product data requirements?
Organizations are required to provide product master and pricing, full dimensional data (height, width, depth) on all products, and information about how products attach to each other (again with dimensions). For example - The server rack has an area 19" wide and 77" tall where rackmount components are bolted, divided into 44 - 1.75" slots, starting 3" down, 1.5" in, and 1" deep from the top left of the front product face. In addition, authoring tools (Visual Attachment Point Editor) reduce but do not necessarily eliminate this need.

What are the 3D art requirements?
For each product visually represented, we need a suitable 3D model for use in the unity game engine, as well as accompanying textures:

  • .FBX or .3DS exported from 3DStudio MAX (an AutoDesk Product)
  • Blender output is also acceptable
  • Should be low (low thousands) polygon count
  • 3D CAD drawing in .DWG format for export use

How can I get art assets for this project?

Start with whatever you currently have
  • Manufacturing-quality CAD models
  • Sales and marketing assets
Produce in-house
  • Internal staff produces 3D renderings
  • Use tools to refine what you have. Simplygon or PolyTrans can reduce manufacturing models down to the level required for 3D Unity.
  • Use a 3rd party to produce model/images. We can refer you to candidates.
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