Showcase Configured Surgical Suites with Virtual Reality

Visually Design and Virtually Explore a Surgical Suite with Powertrak

In a previous post, designing an operating room, I covered the hows and whys planners and designers leverage visual configurations to maximize OR space with strategic placement and proper flow. Let's jump to the next step in the process: approval.

Now that the surgical suite (for medical or dental) is configured with Powertrak 3D Product Configurator, how do you get management and/or stakeholders to approve, endorse, and move forward with the design? Present the products and room design in 3D, and then experience in VR.

Powertrak helps users showcase the design in three ways:

  • Export in PDF/TIFF/JPG/DWG formats
  • Interactively demonstrate in the Powertrak 3D Product Configurator application
  • Don an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard headset for a virtual reality experience

Interactively Demonstrate on Laptops, Desktops, and Tablets 

Drag and Drop Medical Configurator

Visually amaze decision-makers with an interactive and immersive experience.

Invite business leaders, decision-makers and anyone else involved in the process to visually see 3D medical or dental products, equipment, and instruments in the configured room. Powertrak 3D Product Configurator empowers users to navigate the room (zoom and pan) and interact with the products (attach, move, spin, swivel, and rotate).

If the decision-maker decides to replace, remove, or relocated a product, the drag-and-drop feature is easy-to-use and can be done at any time in the designing process.

Immersive Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Operating Room and Surgical Suite

The next-generation option is virtual reality. Powertrak Virtual Reality Product Configurator delivers a personal, intimate experience with the configured environment. Strap on an HTC Vive headset and virtually walk around the room, reach for objects, adjust products, and most importantly see the room from the perspective of a surgeon and/or other OR personnel.

The Interactive Storytelling Experience

Axonom is providing medical companies with virtual reality headsets to help customers explore operating rooms.

Streamline Communication and Ease Configuration Concerns

Stakeholders concern about designing operating roomsImagine ordering expensive medical equipment without knowing it actually fits in the allotted space. It's too time-consuming to get the specs for each piece of equipment and map where they should go.

How comfortable will your boss be to approve such a purchase?

According to The American Institute of Architects, the top 10 concerns that owners and designers have about designing spaces involve errors, delivery methods, and conflict with stakeholders.

Ordering products and designing rooms should go hand-in-hand, and it does with Powertrak. Showcase your design in style with near-realistic images, movable parts, and virtual reality!

If you're attending the OR Manager Conference, visit Axonom in booth 1024 to experience how to build, design, quote and buy products and improve customer engagement with 3D configurations and virtual reality experience.