Here at Axonom, we're proud of the corporate culture we've cultivated and believe it's one of the highlights of being a part of our team. We've fostered a philosophy of "Work Hard, Play Hard" that's permeated the business and provides an exciting atmosphere for high energy participants such as you.

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Corporate Culture

Axonom Participates at 2nd Harvest HeartlandLike many organizations, we work in teams. You've likely heard the virtues touted before and we believe in it ourselves; however, with Axonom, the team isn't something you abandon at the end of the workday. We like to organize group events beyond the annual holiday party.

Our staff participates in charity events and other non-profit causes. We field teams to run half marathons that pit our services staff against our sales team. While many of our employees are interested in fitness, we're not all about running, throwing, and lifting weights. Our CEO has a background in local music production and appreciation of local indie music runs high within our ranks.

We make an occasional visit to a show, at some out of the way venue (that may involve an adult beverage or three). Also, our development team has bonded over WoW raids.

All A-players know that heavy workloads and tight deadlines can get stressful from time to time. We like to know that there are opportunities to blow off a bit of steam throughout the day. At Axonom, it's the little things that help you along.

Need a caffeine boost? Those that work on-site always have access to free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and sodas. Drop that bug that just won't reveal itself for five minutes, step into the break room and grab your beverage of choice, have a quick conversation with a team member while you're there, and then head back for a fresh start.

On Fridays, we like to kick it up a notch. Mid-afternoon the boss will bring in some beer (sorry, no Bud Lite, we appreciate quality bottled barley) and wine. An afternoon beer may get the creative juices flowing. If you need to burn out some aggression, we have a ping pong table and no shortage of opponents. The games can get competitive but are a great way to relax your mind from a difficult programming issue.

Axonom has the typical suite of benefits you'd expect from a leader in their field but we also break the mold and provide some interesting options the other players do not. Axonom values personal and professional growth and our policies reflect that. We have a student loan reimbursement program that covers a portion of the debt you've accumulated educating yourself to become a top-notch professional. We don't think that learning stops now that you're out of school either, we provide an annual stipend to each employee for courses and learning opportunities that will benefit both you and the company.

Being geeks and lovers of all things technology ourselves, we provide an annual gadget fund that you can use to offset costs of that new smartphone, tablet, portable or console video game system, almost anything technological you've had your eyes on. Exposure to electronics and technology is always a good thing and we believe it will stimulate ideas that can ultimately feed back into making our products and services that much better.

Speaking of innovation, we believe it comes from everyone in the organization. This belief has led us to specifically define two hours of innovation time each week from every member of the team. We don't direct you on what to do with this time, it's up to you to do anything you feel will in some way contribute to the bottom line (and we state that in the loosest sense possible). This is time for you to get creative and try new things. Take risks. If it pans out, great but if it doesn't lead anywhere, so be it. Creativity isn't something that can be measured in KPI but we recognize its value and want to promote it.

We're serious about our growth as a company and we want to see you grow right along with us. Our organization has an amazing track record at employee longevity; we have staff that's been with us 10, 12, 14+ years. This isn't a turn and burn organization, we want to see you grow and advance your career with us.

You've heard about our education stipends, our team approach provides coaching and mentoring as well, but most importantly, we talk about career goals with each of our team members and work out plans to help them achieve. Helping to guide and grow from within benefits the company with retention and holding of institutional knowledge. At the same time, it benefits each of our team members as we are working toward common goals of advancement rather than stagnating in a simple "job."

All the great things associated with our Play Hard culture do have a cost and we support this environment via our Work Hard values. We expect high utilization and productivity, in addition to quality work and commitment to the team. This is not an organization to become lost in the bureaucracy and just tick your time card for a paycheck.

We're looking for someone who is committed to contribute and build a strong, profitable enterprise with us. Are you our next hire?

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