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CPQ Integration Options Into Leading Business Systems

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CPQ Platform


CRM Platform


ERP/CRM Platform

Stand-alone or Integration Options

Powertrak is a thin, browser-based solution that can be used as stand-alone or integrated into business systems. It offers a range of pre-built connections to jumpstart integration into Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce.com, Macola Software, and NetSuite.

Our data adapter can push and pull data from other business systems. This eliminates redundant data entry, reduces ordering mistakes, and accelerates the processing of quotations-to-orders.

For other integration requirements not listed above, such as eCommerce platforms Magento or Shopify, please contact us

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VR Design Viewer

Virtual Reality Design Viewer Demo - Powertrak

Experience virtual reality on your smartphone with Powertrak VR Design Viewer.

Strap your smartphone into a Google Cardboard to experience a surgical suite layout design in virtual reality.

Powertrak Dynamic Wiring

Dynamic Wiring Automation for Cabling Type, Length, Price

Take the guesswork out of quoting and ordering products with complex wiring systems. Powertrak visually displays and calculates cabling type, length, and price!

Find out more about dynamic wiring in visual product configurations.

Customer Success

B2B Virtual Reality at Trade Shows

Four customers use virtual reality to showcase products, demonstrate benefits, and leave a memorable impression with trade show attendees.


Visual Rack Configurator in 2D

Discover how Middle Atlantic's visual configurator grew to more than 43,000 components and 10,000 registered users in year one.


Skytron selects Axonom 3D CPQ and Virtual Reality

Powertrak powers the quoting, ordering, and designing of healthcare environments with Skytron products. Then augments that experience with immersive virtual reality.

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