Microsoft Releases New CfMD Logos

Microsoft Dynamics Revamps Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (CfMD) Logos

Last week, Microsoft released a new CfMD logo (with a hint of Windows 8ish look to it) for ISV products that have achieved Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM status. The next time you’re researching or comparing additional solutions to enhance your Microsoft Dynamics investment, make sure the product has the new CfMD logo.

Microsoft Dynamics CfMD Logo Change

Read more about how Powertrak achieved CfMD.

Why is CfMD important to customers?

Certified for Microsoft Dynamics helps identify Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions that have been tested for compatibility, meet high quality standards, and are successfully used by existing customers. This certification represents a significant step in elevating the standard for partner-developed software solutions for industry-specific business applications.

  • The Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) program identifies third-party solutions that have met Microsoft’s highest standards for Dynamics implementations. Earning this logo assures technology decision makers that your solution:
  • Was developed by a certified and reputable Independent Software Vendor
  • Was designed for a unique business and industry need
  • Has been tested for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics
  • Has been used and recommended by other companies
  • Is low-risk, fast to implement, and simple to maintain
  • Is properly supported and protected
  • Meets industry-specific requirements and local language, tax, and governmental regulations

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