Middle Atlantic Products Unveils Its 2D Rack Configurator at CEDIA 2014

2D Rack Configurator Powered by Powertrak

Middle Atlantic Products 3D Rack ConfiguratorWe’re excited to join Middle Atlantic Products as they set to unveil its new, interactive 2D Rack Configurator at CEDIA EXPO in Denver, CO.

Visit us in Middle Atlantic Products’ booth (330) today to witness the unveiling of its new product quoting and ordering solution, powered by Powertrak 2D Product Configurator.

In an interview with Lighting and Sound America, Dan Tarkoff, VP Sales at Middle Atlantic Products said, “We wanted to build a solution that would radically improve the ease with which customers do business with us. We have the broadest range of products in the industry and wanted a way to simplify the process of finding the right fit for every project. The configurator gives them the freedom to design, configure, customize, and order reliable systems whenever they want.”

Improve The Ordering Experience

See first-hand how Middle Atlantic Products’ customers and partners can custom-build a “configure-to-order” rack by dragging-and-dropping BOM components (power, shelves, drawers) into the interactive 2D visual rendering, then freely reposition those components, monitor pricing, and change viewing angles for complete satisfaction prior to purchase – all in real-time.

From anywhere in the world with internet access, on any browser-enabled device, Middle Atlantic Products’ customers and partners can custom-design, quote and order a rack or enclosure by adding AV equipment, power, cooling, and cable management components.

AV Nation Interviews Middle Atlantic Products about its 2D Rack Configurator

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Introducing the 2D Rack Configurator Product Configurations Made Simple with Powertrak The Legrand Booth at CEDIA 2014
Introducing the 2D Rack Configurator Configurations Made Simple The Legrand Booth at CEDIA 2014
2D Rack Configurator Demo drag-and-drop rack configurator Middle Atlantic Booth At CEDIA 14
Private Rack Configuration Demonstration Drag-and-Drop Components Into The Rack The Official 2D Rack Configurator Unveiling