Novus CPQ Podcast Series with Axonom

Frank Sohn interview with Mike Belongie

Novus CPQ Interview with Mike Belongie at Axonom

The Novus CPQ "CPQ Podcast" is a weekly series about what's new, interesting, and worth talking about in the world of Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software.

Novus CPQ Consulting, led by Frank Sohn, is the trusted configuration, price, and quote consulting partner with CPQ and Quote-to-Cash experience since 1996.

In this interview, Frank Sohn of Novus CPQ discusses Powertrak CPQ, 3D product configurator, virtual reality, and other CPQ industry-related topics with Axonom's CEO Mike Belongie.

The interview topics include:

  • The history of Axonom and when the company started developing CPQ tools.
  • Why are visual configurations key to the CPQ process?
  • Overview of Powertrak CPQ solution suite - Standard (Guided Selling), 2D and 3D Visual Configurator, Virtual Reality, Floor Space Planning, Dynamic Wiring.
  • The role of Virtual and Augmented Reality in CPQ.
  • What should a prospective customer prepare for when selecting a CPQ solution?
  • Whose responsibility is it to maintain the configuration, pricing, and quoting rules?
  • What type of industry is best suited for Powertrak CPQ?

This podcast is available at the following locations:

Listen to the interview by checking iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or the Novus CPQ website.