The Top 25 Sales Professionals to Follow on Twitter

Sales Professionals to Follow on Twitter

Sales Experts to follow on TwitterThere are 58 million tweets sent per day. If each tweet takes you eight seconds to read, it would take you almost 14 years to read each and every one. How do you filter through the barrage of tweets to discover which ones might actually be useful? Whether you’re looking for sales motivation that will speak to your team or insight into how your team can better connect with customers, we did some leg work to help.

We’ve scoured online sources and pinpointed the top 25 professionals to follow on Twitter who are talking about sales, marketing, management and related topics. These tweets can help you be a better manager, provide useful sales advice for your team, and even help your organization improve customer service.

As a bonus, their top tweets will take you less than three minutes to read–now that’s more like it.

Tactical Sales Tips

  1. @TopSalesWorld – Jonathan Farrington
    1. Tweets about: Sales experts’ advice that he has curated from around the web.
    2. Followers: 103,000
  2. @DonCooper – Don Cooper
    1. Tweets about: Daily sales tips that include networking mistakes to avoid and defining your personal success to help you attain it.
    2. Followers: 67,80
  3. @jillkonrath – Jill Konrath
    1. Tweets about: From cold calling to LinkedIn summaries, she offers concrete examples of what to avoid and tips on what to do, such as homework before cold calling.
    2. Followers: 20,700
  4. @SalesTipADay – Chris Hamilton
    1. Tweets about: A variety of sales strategies and tips, such as where to spend your time on social media to generate sales leads, and how to utilize a CRM system.
    2. Followers: 22,700
  5. @sellingtools – Nancy Nardin
    1. Tweets about: She focuses on B2B sales tips and retweets, such as “Top 40 Sales Tools of 2014,” and re-promotes articles ranging in topic from web tools to avoiding leading sales calls with discounts.
    2. Followers: 12,900
  6. @Kel_Robertson – Kelley Robertson
    1. Tweets about: He gives insight and re-tweets sales strategies that catch your attention—i.e. “Stop Choosing to Be a Loser,” from Dan Waldschmidt.
    2. Followers: 8,080
  7. @DorieClark – Dorie Clark
    1. Tweets about: Marketing and sales tips, including, “5 Ways to Get People to Remember You (And Your Company).”
    2. Followers: 17,500
  8. @davidabrock – Dave Brock
    1. Tweets about: Strategies ranging from improving your writing to ramping up your small-talking skills.
    2. Followers: 7,657

Motivational and “Big Picture” Tweets

  1. @SalesGravy – Jeb Blount
    1. Tweets about: Sales challenges and solutions, including how to learn from complainers.
    2. Followers: 89,200
  2. @lifecoach2women – Dr. Stacia Pierce
    1. Tweets about: Big picture ideas (i.e. “attracting success”) and offers suggestions about ways grow your business.
    2. Followers: 39,200
  3. @dmscott – David Meerman Scott
    1. Tweets about: Motivational messages, marketing advice and nuts-and-bolts sales tips. For example, “Focus on your customers. Not the competition.”
    2. Followers: 105,000
  4. @mike_weinberg – Mike Weinberg
    1. Tweets about: Sports talk and insight into sales, for example, “Why Sales People Fail (Themselves).”
    2. Followers: 10,800
  5. @BrianTracy – Brian Tracy
    1. Tweets about: Motivation and words of wisdom, such as, “A genius without a roadmap will get lost in any country.”
    2. Followers: 208,000
  6. @Sales_Source – Geoffrey James
    1. Tweets about: Sales and business via tongue-in-cheek commentary—like claiming that business intelligence is an oxymoron—that’s entertaining and valuable.
    2. Followers: 20,500

Managerial Advice

  1. @paulcastain – Paul Castain
    1. Tweets about: Advice that’s helpful to team leaders and the entire sales team, such as “100 Ways to Rock Your Sales,” and “Don’t Ever Coach a Sales Rep This Way!”
    2. Followers: 33,200
  2. @thesaleshunter – Mark Hunter
    1. Tweets about: His eye-catching content, such as “Is Your Dog a Better Salesperson Than You?” and sales tips and training ideas for managers to utilize.
    2. Followers: 25,500
  3. @duncanbrodie – Duncan Brodie
    1. Tweets about: Advice for business leaders, for example, “Be a more effective leader by knowing your strengths.”
    2. Followers: 70,400
  4. @TiborShanto – Tibor Shanto
    1. Tweets about: Ideas including how to overcome obstacles and make the best hires.
    2. Followers: 9,837
  5. @KeithRosen – Keith Rosen
    1. Tweets about: Helping business leaders improve their coaching abilities and get the most out of their sales team.
    2. Followers: 9,895
  6. @babettetenhaken – Babette Tenhaken
    1. Tweets about: Advice that focuses on business startups and collaboration.
    2. Followers: 1,734

Social Media and Technical Insight

  1. @AskJamieTurner – Jamie Turner
    1. Tweets about: Marketing, including social media and the latest sales strategies, including using Instagram to grow your business.
    2. Followers: 12,800
  2. @barbaragiamanco – Barbara Giamanco
    1. Tweets about: Sales and social media—where they overlap and how to best use social media to improve sales.
    2. Followers: 6,375
  3. @wallybock – Wally Bock
    1. Tweets about: Tips for utilizing the written word and becoming a better manager in various industries.
    2. Followers: 17,800
  4. @MelonieDodaro – Melonie Dodaro
    1. Tweets about: Strategies that businesses can use to get the most out of LinkedIn
    2. Followers: 49,000
  5. @axonom – Axonom
    1. Tweets about: Industry topics, the latest news in sales forecasting software, updates, and tips on maximizing your software so you can improve sales.
    2. Followers: 239

It’s hard to fight through the online clutter and find what’s valuable. Get the most out of social media and determine which sales professionals to follow on Twitter to give your team insight into improving their sales, customer service, or your own managerial style. Our top gurus can help you stay up to date in a short amount of time — 140 characters or less — so you can continue to grow and thrive in your business.

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