2D Product Configurator Key Features and Functions

Powertrak 2D Product Configuration Software

This post is to get you familiar with key functions and main areas of Powertrak’s 2D Product Configuration software. I encourage those interested to request a demonstration and see live because static images are a poor representation to illustrate interactivity!

The Powertrak 2D Product Configurator delivers an Interactive Designer element that revolutionizes the way product configurations are executed. Our 2D Configurator brings more than a ‘spin and zoom’ visual representation to configurations. Users are provided with tools to manipulate a product to their satisfaction along with an exact image of that virtual product prior to order.

2D Product Configurator by Powertrak


Powertrak 2D Configurator Screen Breakdown

  • Product Catalog – AKA “Product Palette”
    • Shows available parts grouped by category
    • Categories can be collapsed and expanded by clicking
    • Radio buttons switch the viewing angle of each product’s thumbnail image
  • Workbench – AKA “Interactive Interface”
    • Fully interactive, drag-and-drop interface
    • Location where the configured object sits
    • To add parts (products), click-and-hold or just click a product and drag from the product browser into the workbench area
  • Sidebar
    • Data changes to reflect products placed in the workbench – bill of materials
    • Shows description of last product placed
    • Real-time pricing and product totals
    • Controls to change the viewing angle and zoom level of the workbench


Features and Functions

  • Fully interactive drag-and-drop interface
    • Don’t just visualize the product, configure it through the visualization
  • Browse available components through a collapsible category structure, configurable by admins
  • Configurator constructs the BOM as parts are dropped into the configuration
  • Attachment Point ruleset
    • Limits where components can be placed
    • Highlights appropriate areas where parts can be dropped into the configuration
  • Snap-to-connection feature automatically shows the closest available place to drop a product
    • Shows a preview of exactly where that part is going to go when dropped
  • Move components between valid locations even after they’ve been initially placed
  • Collision detection automatically prevents two items going into the same space
  • Select components in the configuration to see information about them in the sidebar
    • Access advanced controls for visibility and subcomponents
  • Multiple viewing angles supported (and definable by admins)
  • Zoom controls
  • Expert Mode empowers users to configure a product solely using the product browser list and interacting with the visualization
    • It skips guided selling for expert users who know what they’re doing
  • Fully browser based and tablet friendly (low footprint)
  • Integration into the existing Powertrak shopping cart experience for easy quote creation
  • Integration into Powertrak’s existing guided selling functionality